Unlock The Unbanked

Leverage real world intelligence to uncover
consumer insights and help profile the unbanked.

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The financial services industry is getting disrupted.

Credit Scoring

Use our alternative data to profile the unbanked population to improve loan approval rates
  • Verify home and work locations stated during loan application
  • Build affluence score based on multiple data points
  • Understand brand and product affinities to build richer profiles

Branch Network Optimization

Online banking has changed consumer behaviour, optimize your branch network with real world data
  • Analyze footfall data to identify branches customer overlap
  • Understand home and work locations of app users
  • Use affluence scores to identify new high value customers>

Audience Targeting

Create custom geo-behavioural audience segments using a combination of our rich data attributes.
  • Generate custom audience segments based on your campaign
  • Run conquesting campaigns by targeting your competitors
  • Retarget your own customers with strategic loyalty based messaging

Investment Research

Use real world alternative data to predict business performance and unlock smarter investments
  • View business performance using footfall data
  • Predict growth using spend and footfall data
  • Uncover new business opportunities by studying growth areas

Fintech Case Study

A leading fintech company uses our data solution to improve their unbanked product offerings
  • Average of 25% increase in loan approvals
  • Enrich bank’s customer profile with 30+ attributes
  • Improve audience targeting with right products

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