Spend & save with confidence

Optimize your media spend to scale acquisition & reduce ad waste.

Maximize your ROI with smart optimization

Reduce your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) & drive higher return on ad spend (ROAS) through budget optimization.

Enhance cost efficiency

Enhance cost efficiency

Optimize your campaigns to achieve a lower CPA, ensuring your budget utilization translates into valuable customer conversions.

Increase click-through rates

Increase click-through rates

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 100, gather insights to fine-tune targeting, significantly improving conversion rates & overall campaign performance.

Improve ROAS & efficiency

Improve ROAS & efficiency

Leverage Lifesight to enhance your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), efficiently using budget insights to maximize campaign effectiveness.

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All-in-one platform to supercharge your marketing performance

Optimize your spend and campaigns on a granular level to drive your business KPIs.

Make campaign optimizations at a granular level

Analyze & optimize tactical strategies across all paid, owned & earned channels


Get a blended & de-duped view of channel metrics in a single place.


Easily stop, reduce or scale line items across channels with one click.


Leverage flexible attribution models based on your needs.

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Master your marketing mix

Allocate & scale budget with ease & confidence using industry standard models.


Use internal & external data to generate your own custom MMM.


Set your goals & let AI do its optimization magic.


Continuously calibrate your MMM with incremental intelligence.

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Make the right decisions with incrementality

Triangulate to the truth with best-in-class AI-powered incrementality intelligence


Easily run experiments across all your media channels.


Measure incrementality with causal inference when experiments are not possible.


Automatically calibrate all models using incrementality.

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increase in conversions with smarter budgets

See how this leading electronics brand increased ad budget using Marketing Mix Modeling on Lifesight Measure

“Within months of optimizing based on Lifesight’s MMM insights, marketing ROI increased over 35%. MMM allowed us to redistribute budget to the most effective channels, tightening targeting and supports our marketing team's plans for growth.”

VP Marketing,

Electronics brand with $1.5M ad spend per month.


incremental lift in sales from social media ads

Read how a personal care brand increased ad budget with our Incrementality Measurement & Geo-Experiments

"Adopting Lifesight was a game-changer for our marketing team. The transparency it provides in terms of experiments and consumer interaction has been invaluable, allowing us to scale our initiatives, with enhanced engagement and sales."


Personal-care brand earning $130M in ARR