View-through rate

View-through rate (VTR) is the percentage of users who view an ad and perform a desired action afterwards.

View-through Rate (VTR) is a significant online advertising metric that determines the total number of completed views of an ad divided by the total number of impressions. It plays a critical role in understanding the effectiveness and relevance of digital advertising, especially those utilizing video marketing. As these videos are usually embedded in websites, social media, and other digital platforms, the evaluation of their effectiveness makes VTR vital for eCommerce businesses to quantify audience engagement and response to their advertisements.


The calculation is quite straightforward: VTR (%) = (Total completed video views / Total impressions) x 100


For instance, if an ad was served 1000 times (impressions) and 200 users watched it entirely, the VTR would be (200/1000)*100 = 20%.

Why is VTR important?

VTR is considered significant because it caters to the performance measurement of video ads, often serving as an indicator of interest and engagement. It provides insights about the quality and relevance of the content, which aids marketers in their campaign planning and audience targeting. Higher VTR implies the video content is compelling and attracts the audience to stay till the end.

Which factors impact VTR?

To improve the VTR, businesses need to ensure their ads are engaging and relevant to their target audience. This can be achieved through:

How can VTR be improved?

Several factors influence VTR, including content quality, video length, optimal timing, and ad placement on the website. Besides, the effectiveness of the call-to-action, audience relevance, and the platform used for hosting the video are also critical factors.

What is VTR's relationship with other metrics?

The relationship between VTR and other eCommerce metrics, such as Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate, is complex but substantial. For example, a high VTR may lead to an increase in CTR, as more users are likely to click on the ad after viewing it. This can potentially enhance the Conversion Rate, leading to higher returns and overall eCommerce success.

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