Viral Impressions

Viral Impressions measure the degree to which content spreads across social media channels without direct sponsorship.

Viral Impressions is a social media metric which measures the effectiveness of content or campaigns shared on online platforms. It tracks and records the number of times a post or content has been viewed as a result of someone from their friends’ list interacting with it.


Viral Impressions = Initial Impressions + (Initial Impressions * Virality Coefficient)


Let's say you run an ecommerce store and you launch a social media campaign for a new product. Initially, your campaign generates 10,000 impressions (views) of your product. You have a Virality Coefficient of 0.2, indicating that for every view, an additional 20% of people share the product with their followers.

Why is Viral Impressions important?

Viral Impressions measure the spread and reach of content without direct sponsorship, which allows businesses to understand the competitiveness of their content as compared to their peers and competitors. It helps measure how far the content reaches on its own, and therefore, helps to analyse the content's popularity. It aids businesses in understanding which of their posts or campaigns gained traction and which did not, without having to spend money on advertisements.

Which factors impact Viral Impressions?

One way businesses can improve their Viral Impressions is by creating quality content that is easily sharable. This means using content that resonates with people and adds value to their lives, in order to capture their attention and encourage them to share it. Additionally, businesses can also launch campaigns and utilise influencers to increase the viral reach of their content.

How can Viral Impressions be improved?

The content type and format, the target audience, and the engagement rate of the content are all important factors affecting Viral Impressions. The content format should be interesting, more visual and creative, as it will be more interesting for people to engage with. The target audience should also be appropriate for the content so that people can relate to it. Lastly, the engagement rate of the content is an important factor, as the more people engage with the content, the higher the chances are that more people will see it.

What is Viral Impressions's relationship with other metrics?

Viral Impressions is closely related to other ecommerce metrics because it helps measure the reach of content and therefore, its effectiveness as a marketing tool. It is linked to other ecommerce metrics such as website visits, customer lifetime value, and sales, as increased impressions and engagement leads to more traffic and better chances for conversions. It can also play a role in measuring customer loyalty and creating relationships with customers.

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