Visits Conversion Rate

Visits Conversion Rate (Visits CR) is the ratio of visits that result in completed transactions to total site visits.

In the complex world of ecommerce analytics, the Visits CR stands as a critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It measures the efficiency of an ecommerce platform in converting incoming traffic into successful transactions. In other words, the Visits CR is a metric that represents the proportion of site visitors who make purchases compared to the total number of site visits. Understanding the Visits CR is instrumental to ecommerce businesses as it helps them assess their platform's effectiveness and identify areas that need improvement to enhance the overall shopping experience and boost sales.


Visits Conversion Rate (Visits CR) = (Number of completed transactions / Total number of site visits) * 100%


  • If an ecommerce site registers a total of 1,000 visits in a day and during that period 100 transactions are completed, the Visits CR is calculated as follows:
  • Visits CR = (100 / 1000) * 100% = 10%

Why is Visits CR important?

The Visits CR represents a direct reflection of an ecommerce businesses' performance and its potential profitability. A high Visits CR indicates a highly optimized and engaging website. It implies that the platform succeeds in providing a seamless, enjoyable, and reliable shopping experience that persuades visitors to complete their purchases. Conversely, a low Visits CR can highlight underlying issues, such as a convoluted purchase process, poor product presentation, or uncompetitive pricing, which hinder visitors from finalizing their purchases.

Which factors impact Visits CR?

Several factors impact the Visits CR, primarily related to the shopping experience provided by the ecommerce site. These include site accessibility, loading speed, navigation, product variety and availability, pricing, payment method diversity, delivery options, return policy, customer service availability, and data security measures.

How can Visits CR be improved?

Improving the Visits CR involves enhancing the overall user experience. This could be achieved by optimizing product descriptions and images, implementing an intuitive and simple-to-use interface, offering competitive prices and varied payment options, providing excellent customer service, and assuring user data security.

What is Visits CR's relationship with other metrics?

The Visits CR has a pivotal correlation with other ecommerce metrics. It's closely tied to metrics like Average Order Value (AOV), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Bounce Rate, and Customer Retention Rate (CRR). For example, a high bounce rate may lead to a lower Visits CR, while a robust customer retention strategy can potentially increase the Visits CR by encouraging repeat purchases. Understanding these correlations helps in devising a comprehensive strategy to enhance an ecommerce platform's efficiency and profitability.

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