User retention rate

User Retention Rate is a measure of how long customers remain actively engaged with an ecommerce business. It is an important metric for tracking customer loyalty and longevity.

User Retention Rate is a crucial metric for evaluating user experience, tracking customer loyalty, and understanding how customers engage with an ecommerce business over time. It is generally calculated as the percentage of customers who remain active over a certain period of time and expresses the customer loyalty to a business. It is important to measure it in order to maintain customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value.


User Retention Rate = ((Number of Customers at the End of a Period - Number of New Customers Acquired during the Period) / Number of Customers at the Start of the Period) x 100


Let's say you have an ecommerce business and you start a month with 500 customers. During that month, you acquire 100 new customers; at the end of the month, you have 450 customers.User Retention Rate = ((450 - 100) / 500) x 100User Retention Rate = (350 / 500) x 100User Retention Rate = 70%So, in this example, the user retention rate for the month is 70%. It indicates that 70% of the customers who started the month with the company remained active and made additional purchases, while 30% of the customers were lost or churned.

Why is User retention rate important?

User Retention Rate is an important metric for measuring customer loyalty and determining customer satisfaction. It helps ecommerce businesses identify which customers are making repeat purchases and staying loyal to a brand. By monitoring user retention rate, businesses can gain invaluable insight into how their products and services are performing and make strategic decisions on how to optimize user experience.

Which factors impact User retention rate?

A number of factors can impact User Retention Rate. These include product selection and quality, customer service, pricing, user experience, availability of discounts, loyalty programs, and personalized experiences.

How can User retention rate be improved?

There are a number of ways to improve User Retention Rates. These include creating loyalty programs, offering personalized services, optimizing the user experience with data from user behaviour, customer segmentation and AI-driven product recommendations, leveraging communication channels to engage customers and reward loyalty, and leveraging loyalty analytics to track and improve customer engagement.

What is User retention rate's relationship with other metrics?

User Retention Rate is strongly correlated with other eCommerce metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, Return on Investment, and Cost per Acquisition, as these factors all play a role in customer loyalty and satisfaction. This allows for a holistic view of customer success and helps eCommerce businesses accurately evaluate their customer performance.

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