Universal Links

Universal links seamlessly redirect users from web browsing to app usage, enhancing user experience by offering a unified link across iOS devices.

Universal links are standard web links (URL) that have been enabled to work equally well whether the user is browsing the web on a desktop or using an app on a mobile device. Simplistically, Universal Links represent a single link that offers a better user experience by directing your audience to the place they prefer: either your website or your app.

Universal links are a feature of the iOS platform introduced by Apple in iOS 9.0 and allow users to tap a link to your website and get seamlessly redirected to your installed app without going through a browser. If your app isn’t installed, tapping the link will open your website in their browser.


If a user receives a link to a product from your online store, a universal link connects them either to that product's page in your app (if it's installed) or to your website (if your app isn't on their device).

Why is Universal Links important?

Universal links are essential in e-commerce because they provide a seamless user experience, thereby increasing user engagement with your app or website. They offer a unified and consistent method to link to content inside an app or website, increase conversions, and improve user retention by providing a more user-friendly experience.

Which factors impact Universal Links?

Enhancing Universal Links involves effectively establishing, mapping, and testing your associated domains. Regularly maintain the Apple App Site Association file to ensure correct deep linking to your app. Also, ensure the content in your app and website are identical for consistent user experience.

How can Universal Links be improved?

Factors that Impact Universal Links: Correct implementation, the presence of the 'Apple App Site Association' file, accurate app setup, and ideal user's device settings can impact the function of Universal Links.

What is Universal Links's relationship with other metrics?

Universal links can influence other key ecommerce metrics. Improved user experience can lead to higher conversion rates, increased user engagement, better retention rates, and overall enhanced shopping experience. By intelligently linking to the most relevant platform, businesses may observe a tangible impact on their sales, basket size, and customer loyalty.

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