App Monetization

App monetization is a strategy to earn revenue from a mobile application through various methods like adverts, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

App monetization paints a broad spectrum of strategies leveraged by developers to generate revenue from their mobile applications. It plays an instrumental role in the business operations of the 21st-century e-commerce industry. App monetization is not bound to any single methodology but is a combination of various tactics like in-app advertising, in-app purchases, subscriptions, freemium upsell, transaction fees, crowdfunding, and more. These tactics can be implemented separately or in combinations, depending on the nature of the app, its target audience, and overall business objectives.


The mobile game Candy Crush Saga has effectively monetized its app. While its basic usage is free, the app offers in-app purchases for power-ups and additional lives. It also uses ads to monetize non-paying users and managed to earn an estimated $1.5 billion in revenue in 2018.

Why is App monetization important?

Without an effective app monetization strategy, it could be practically impossible for a business to maintain or grow its app. Monetization is crucial to offsetting costs associated with design, development, hosting, maintenance, updates, and more. Furthermore, it provides the resources needed for marketing initiatives to increase the app’s visibility, grow user base, and enhance their service offerings.

Which factors impact App monetization?

You can improve app monetization by focusing on user engagement, personalized ads, and perfecting the in-app purchase strategy. Understand user behavior, offer valuable exclusive features for a fee, and optimize pricing strategy. Use metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to craft a monetization strategy that aligns with your financial goals.

How can App monetization be improved?

Key factors include the nature of the app, number of active users, user demographics, operating system (iOS versus Android), app category, and pricing strategy. It's worth mentioning that users' propensity to pay also largely dictates monetization strategy success.

What is App monetization's relationship with other metrics?

App monetization works hand in hand with other e-commerce segments. It directly impacts the conversion rate, customer loyalty, cart abandonment rate, and customer lifetime value. A well-planned app monetization strategy not only optimizes income but also maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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