Active subscribers

An active subscriber is a customer who regularly interacts with a brand's services or products, often within a specific period

Active subscribers are either customers who have recently purchased your products or regularly engage with your online store's content, services, or products. These users demonstrate a clear interest in your business, products, or services and contribute significantly to your bottom line. They can also double as brand ambassadors if they're satisfied with their experience, further promoting your store to potential customers.


Active subscribers = Number of unique users who've interacted/bought within a defined period


Assuming an online tech store has 10,000 unique visitors monthly. 2,000 among them regularly purchase or interact with online content every month. Therefore, the number of active subscribers for the store is 2,000.

Why is Active subscribers important?

Active subscribers play a critical role in sales volume and revenue generation. They actively contribute to the cash flow and aid the planning of strategic financial actions. Your brand’s active subscriber base could also serve as a reliable prediction tool for future sales patterns and a guiding compass for precise targeting strategies.

Which factors impact Active subscribers?

Various factors can affect your active subscribers tally. They range from the quality of products, customer service, website user experience, pricing, competition, to even external factors such as economic trends.

How can Active subscribers be improved?

Increase your active subscribers by retaining old customers and attracting new ones through marketing campaigns. Consider providing exceptional customer service, offering exclusive deals for subscribers, engaging with targeted email marketing, and maintaining a user-friendly website. Regularly analyze your website's performance to spot trends and plan strategies accordingly.

What is Active subscribers's relationship with other metrics?

Active subscribers primarily correlate with retention rate, churn rate, and customer lifetime value (CLV). A growing active subscriber number usually translates into a high retention rate and CLV, signifying a robust customer base. Alternatively, an increasing churn rate may indicate a reduction in active subscribers.

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