Best Unified Marketing Measurement Tools in 2024

Published On: 11 Mar 2024


Here are the best UMM tools in 2024 to consolidate your marketing efforts and generate accurate measuring metrics for you.

Measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is challenging for marketers owing to the complexities of omnichannel marketing strategies, the choice of the audience to deprecate third-party cookies, and limited data that make it hard to quantify the impact of marketing activities on business.

This becomes even more challenging with multiple marketers working on different campaigns on different channels in silos.

This is where unified marketing measurement, or UMM, saves your marketing efforts.

A unified marketing measurement approach involves employing multiple measurement methods to find out the true effectiveness of your marketing. To find the truth when there isn't a single source, a unified approach uses both deterministic and probabilistic testing methods together. It breaks silos leading to precise budgeting decisions, not possible with single methodologies like MTA, resulting in a 40% upliftment.

This article will discuss the best UMM tools in 2024 to help consolidate your marketing efforts and generate accurate measuring metrics for you.

Top unified marketing measurement tools

1) Lifesight


Lifesight is a comprehensive, unified marketing measurement tool designed to provide marketers with insights into the effectiveness of their omnichannel marketing efforts. At its core, Lifesight employs a causal-based measurement solution, moving beyond mere correlation to unveil the real impact of your campaigns.

This AI-powered platform combines the precision of multi-touch attribution, the strategic foresight of marketing mix modeling, and the definitive insight of incrementality testing to provide holistic actionable marketing insights.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel data integrations, including online and offline channels into a single platform for comprehensive analysis
  • Provides a holistic view of the customer journey with interaction and engagement tracking across all touchpoints
  • Offers server-side tracking and advanced attribution modeling capabilities for improving marketing performance, retargeting, and accurately attributing conversions
  • AI-generated marketing plans, forecasts, recommendations, and insights for optimal decision-making and understanding the impact on business KPIs
  • Comprehensive tracking of marketing impact and analysis to identify patterns, trends, and correlations to uncover optimization opportunities
  • Real-time monitoring of campaign performance and optimization for maximizing ROI
  • 250+ no-code integrations for smooth data flow from CRM systems, marketing tools, data warehouses, and ad platforms without coding.

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Why choose Lifesight for unified marketing measurement?

Lifesight offers a fully integrated platform that requires no data scientists or analysts to navigate, ensuring that actionable insights are within easy reach for all marketers. Using advanced forecasting and analytics, Lifesight enables marketers to make informed decisions. It provides channel-level budget recommendations, optimization, and resource allocation insights to achieve ad efficiency.

2) Adtriba


Adtriba is a marketing analytics software that helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies. The two solutions, Adtriba Core and Adtriba Sphere, holistically evaluates marketing performance and advertising efforts across various channels.

Adtriba aims to deliver precise and detailed analysis of customer's journey using machine learning algorithms.

Key Features

  • Offers multi-touch attribution modeling, providing insights on different marketing touch points contribution to the customer journey
  • Automated data collection consolidating marketing data from both offline and online channels
  • Leverages predictive analytics to forecast future performance and identify optimation opportunities
  • Insights like comparison of converting and non-converting customer journeys and fractional conversion for an accurate value of marketing efforts
  • Campaign-level evaluation of channels for smart budget allocation

Pricing: Custom pricing

Why choose Adtriba for unified marketing measurement?

With easy-to-use features and in-depth reports, Adtriba is ideal for organizations looking to understand how ads drive sales and conversions in real-time. However, the ease of implementation presents a challenge, as incorporating it into marketing solutions can be difficult due to its heavy reliance on analytics.

3) Kantar-Blackwood Seven


Kantar, an analytics and brand solution, acquired Blackwood Seven, an AI-powered marketing ROI measurement and optimization company, creating an analytics platform combining both.

The platform enables the deployment of different marketing models simultaneously under its Hamilton AI platform to forecast and analyze the business impact of marketing activities.

Key Features

  • Helps quantify marketing and media investments across all channels
  • Predicts and optimizes the impact of marketing on sales
  • Helps in understanding the factors impacting churn and how to prevent them
  • Delivers strategic insights into activities driving the brand and how to maximize that impact
  • Evaluates media efficacy based on the publisher, time, channel, and custom levels

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Why choose Kantar Blackwood Seven for unified marketing measurement?

Kantar Blackwood Seven combines research and analytics with AI predictive modeling to forecast marketing performance accurately and prevent churn rates. It is ideal for businesses that need frequent budget evaluations, simplifying budgeting for both offline and online marketing effortlessly.

However, it's important to note that the initial configuration of Kantar Blackwood Seven requires technical expertise, which might be a barrier for some companies. Additionally, the platform does not offer continuous chat or call support for companies outside the US, which could impact the level of immediate assistance available to international clients.

Few other vendors who are offering multiple measurement methods:

4) Liftlab


Liftlab is a marketing effectiveness platform offering real-time insights to help businesses optimize marketing performance and drive revenue. It provides a comprehensive view of marketing profitability and combines media experimentation with economic modeling to predict optimal spending levels and maximize performance.

Key features

  • Provides real-time view of marketing profit and loss for optimization and informed decision-making
  • Predictive modeling to estimate marginal profitability of marketing for budget allocation optimization
  • Combines MMM results with ongoing testing findings for optimization strategies
  • Elasticity modeling for insights into potential performance at different spending levels

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Why choose Liftlab for unified marketing measurement?

Liftlab analyzes your marketing spending based on profit and loss from different activities. Optimize your budget allocation and drive revenue with instant access to campaign performance metrics.

5) Aryma Labs


Aryma Labs offers marketing measurement and attribution solutions to drive marketing efficiency. The tool uses MMM modeling, causal inference, and experimentation to optimize marketing performance and ROI.

Key features

  • Captures long-term effect of marketing and provides a comprehensive view of the cumulative effect on business
  • Incorporates dynamic beats for adjustments according to market changes to ensure model relevancy over time
  • Offers domain-specific MMM model to ensure relevant marketing insights
  • Capability to model a wide range of KPIs to measure and optimize marketing for specific goals

Pricing: They offer three plans:

  • Single KPI starting at $10K
  • Single KPI with frequent updates starting at $20K
  • Multiple KPI with frequent updates: Custom Pricing

Why choose Aryma Labs for unified marketing measurement?

The customized marketing measurement solutions by Aryma Labs provide accurate and actionable insights to improve marketing ROI.

6) Cassandra


Cassandra is designed for non-technical teams to help them optimize their marketing strategies and maximize ROI. The tool uses an ML-based MMM model to simplify the complex media planning and budgeting process.

It helps you analyze wasteful campaigns in-depth, identify overspending channels, and run simulations to find the most effective media plan.

Key features

  • Leverages advanced ML algorithms to analyze vast datasets and create tailored media plans for maximizing ROI
  • Helps identify wasteful campaigns not driving incremental sales and reallocates resources
  • Identifies channels with diminishing returns, pinpointing areas of overspending and underspending for better budget allocation

Pricing: They offer 4 plans:

  • Starter: Free
  • Self-service: $1100/month
  • Managed service: $3300/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Why choose Cassandra for unified marketing measurement?

Cassandra uses ML to expedite the MMM modeling process, reducing reliance on technical expertise. It enables the non-technical teams to uncover insights and make data-driven campaign decisions, boasting a clear and easy-to-use UI that appeals to users without a technical background.

The platform facilitates faster implementation of MMM projects and presents results with easy-to-interpret, visually appealing graphics. While its graphs are aesthetically pleasing, there is a noted need for more descriptive interpretations to aid users in understanding the data more intuitively.

7) Objective Platform


Objective platform is a UMM solution provider that aims to enhance the impact and accountability of marketing efforts. It helps optimize channels and campaigns to increase marketing impact, improve team alignment, and quantify investment value.

Objective Platform streamlines and simplifies measuring marketing efforts to measure investment value using AI to automate data from 200+ sources.

Key features

  • Offers tools and dashboards to facilitate data-driven decision-making for optimizing marketing strategies
  • Helps align teams to work on similar KPIs for better control over marketing operations
  • Maximizes marketing impact by helping in achieving targets or the highest ROI from the fixed budget
  • Goes beyond channel-specific metrics to provide optimization insights and evaluate the true impact of investments

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Why choose Objective Platform for unified marketing measurement?

Objective Platform offers UMM models and goes beyond channel-specific metrics to view marketing performance comprehensively.

Final thoughts

Marketers adopt the UMM approach to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts across channels and optimize campaigns in real-time to optimize resource allocation and drive tangible business impact.

Lifesight offers cutting-edge capabilities for driving marketing success in the privacy-first era. It provides unified measurement and optimization to navigate the modern marketing landscape and achieve value for your marketing spending. By collating data from various channels and customer touchpoints, Lifesight gives you a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.

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