Unlocking Success: How a Strategic Shift to MMM Led to a 15% Increase in Marketing ROI

Explore this case study to witness how a prominent FMCG brand harnessed the power of Marketing Mix Modeling to refine campaign investments and understand the nuanced contributions of their marketing channels. Celebrating a significant sales hike, the brand faced the challenge of determining the real contributors from their diverse marketing channels—from TV spots to riveting promotional events. The exhilaration of increased sales was shadowed by questions about the right allocation of their marketing budget in a scaleable and effective manner. All this while making sure that the brand did not encounter diminishing return on any channels.

Unlocking Success: How a Strategic Shift to MMM Led to a 15% Increase in Marketing ROI

Application of Marketing Mix Modeling for optimized projections

Explore how Marketing Mix Modeling catalyzed a 15% ROI boost and solidified the sales pipeline for an FMCG leader.


  • Determining the influence of specific marketing channels like TV commercials, radio spots, online ads, print media, and promotional events on sales proved intricate.

  • The brand grappled with the integration of data from diverse sources, leading to a time-consuming and error-prone process.

  • Effective allocation of the marketing budget was impeded by the lack of clarity regarding the contribution of each channel to sales growth.


The digital brand compiled three years of data, factoring in sales, marketing spends, competitor actions, and external influencers. Using this data, Lifesight employed regression analysis to construct a Marketing Mix Model (MMM). Armed with a verified model, the brand ran scenario analyses to guide informed budgeting, optimizing their marketing decisions for maximum impact.

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