Driving Success with Multi-touch Attribution: a Stellar 40% Quarterly Sales Growth

Explore this case study to see how a leading online plant retailer leveraged Multi-Touch Attribution to navigate their marketing success, refining campaign investments and understanding customer behaviors. As an eco-conscious online nursery with a foothold in digital marketplaces, the brand had all the right buzzwords going for it to stay at the forefront of a customer's mind. However, their growth posed a question: Which marketing channels truly spurred sales? From Google Ads to influencer partnerships, the brand turned to Multi-Touch Attribution to decode their customer journeys and optimize campaign strategies.

Driving Success with Multi-touch Attribution: a Stellar 40% Quarterly Sales Growth

Navigating the complexities of digital attribution with Multi-Touch Attribution

Delve into the brand's journey with Multi-Touch Attribution, illuminating customer journey insights, optimizing their ad campaigns, and lifting ROI.


  • The brand faced challenges with overlapping campaigns, making it tough to identify key conversion drivers.

  • The intricate customer journey, ranging from Google ads to influencer reviews and email promotions, made the attribution process intricate

  • The reliance on a potentially misleading attribution model clouded their budget allocation decisions.


The brand implemented Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to better understand customer journeys and optimize campaign placements. They consolidated their marketing databases onto one platform and chose a data-driven MTA approach. This allowed them to monitor and adjust their strategies in real-time based on the most effective marketing efforts.

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