Using Incrementality Testing to Find the True Value of a Campaign

Delve into this compelling case study to discover how a rapidly ascending e-commerce brand turned to Incrementality Testing as their compass in the dense forest of digital marketing. As the company raced ahead in the e-commerce sphere, they confronted a pivotal challenge: discerning the true incremental value brought about by each marketing channel. Was it the persuasive power of social media ads, the targeted precision of email campaigns, or the broad reach of affiliates that added that extra edge to their sales? Amidst a competitive landscape and dynamic consumer behaviors, they sought more than just surface-level insights.

Using Incrementality Testing to Find the True Value of a Campaign

Unveiling the Authentic ROI: A Deep Dive with Incrementality Testing

Explore the brand's journey of leveraging Incrementality Testing to achieve a stellar 20% growth in ROI


  1. A major pressing question: Did this campaign actually cause an increase in conversions, or would these conversions have happened anyway?
  2. With the multitude of marketing campaigns across platforms, the brand found it difficult to determine which platforms delivered the most value.
  3. The difficulty in differentiating between genuine contributors made budget and resource allocation a perplexing task.


The brand opted for Incrementality Testing, employing Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) across its primary marketing avenues. For every channel, a random segment of the audience was deliberately kept from viewing a particular campaign, forming the control group. Meanwhile, the remaining audience was actively engaged with the campaign, constituting the test group.Unravel the details of this approach in this comprehensive case study.

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