If you want to enhance your Shopify store with impressive widgets, then this article is just the right place for you. Here, we have listed the best widgets apps for Shopify that can help you with all your customization needs. From creating product galleries, to adding customer comments and even designing amazing sliders and carousels, these apps can give your store a stunning look. You will also be able to add customer reviews, polls, and product recommendations, helping you engage more customers with your store. Moreover, all these apps come with intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that make customization easy and effortless. So, go ahead and choose the one that will be perfect for you and your customers.

Abandoned Cart Messenger Chat

Abandoned cart recovery Facebook Messenger marketing Live Chat




Abandoned Cart Messenger Chat is the perfect app for shopify store owners searching for a powerful solution to recover abandoned carts and improve customer service. This app not only comes with a cost-effective abandoned cart recovery system, it also provides a platform to engage with customers right in their Facebook Messenger inbox. This innovative combination helps boost conversions and generates more revenue for your business.The key features of Abandoned Cart Messenger Chat include Facebook Chat & Messenger Chat, Abandoned Cart Recovery, FB Messenger Marketing List, Add to Cart Subscription Widget, Discount Code Widget and Sticky Discount Box. With this suite of features, shopify store owners have all the tools needed for an effective abandoned cart recovery system, as well as improved customer communication.

Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

AliReviews Collect Product Reviews. AliExpress Review Importer




Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews from OneCommerce is an all-in-one solution that helps store owners collect, showcase and manage impactful reviews from customers and other users. This review system is created to help ecommerce stores of all sizes, collect product reviews and customer photos, harness customer behavior, increase organic traffic, and boost conversions.

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle

Boost sales with smart upsell. Create bundles & increase AOV




The Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle app is a great option for Shopify store owners looking to maximize their sales and increase their average order values. With this app, you can offer upsell and cross-sell solutions via popup displays that are designed to match the look and feel of your store. You can create unlimited offers with products and set various discount types, customize the look of your widgets, and track your improvements with an overview report. Additionally, the app is mobile responsive and available in seven languages. By leveraging this app, you can increase average order values and boost sales.

Conzia Live Chat Widgets

All messaging apps in one widget- 40% more sales




Conzia Live Chat Widgets app is the perfect solution for Shopify store owners to provide customers with real-time assistance and increase sales at the same time. It offers lifetime access to all its features such as Conzia Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp widgets, with no coding knowledge required, and a free plan that only takes two minutes to set up. This app is perfect for small to medium businesses who are looking for a low-cost, efficient solution to reach their customers in a cost-effective manner.

EasyCall ‑ Phone Number & Call

Get phone number & phone call + SMS messages




EasyCall is a phone number and call center app for Shopify stores that allows merchants to provide top-tier support with a click to call widget, business phone number, and virtual call center. This app is perfect for providing real-time support to new shoppers, as well as providing an extra support channel to keep existing customers coming back for more. With EasyCall merchants can add a click-to-call widget to their store, obtain a business phone number, integrate CRM call center software, manage multiple phone numbers & contacts, and send and receive SMS messages with a ticketing system.

PreOrder Me

pre-order management and set different strategies for products




PreOrder Me is a powerful and easy-to-use app built specifically for Shopify merchants. It provides flexible pre-order options that enable merchants to seamlessly manage product bookings and track pre-order sales. PreOrder Me offers multiple strategies for pre-ordering including custom widget styling to match the style of existing themes as well as automatic pre-order management through tags to tailor to specific sales policies. With PreOrder Me merchants can easily boost sales 4x more than standard sales.