Increase sales and average order values with Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle. Customize offers and widgets for a personalized shopping experience.

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Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle

Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle

Boost sales with smart upsell. Create bundles & increase AOV


The Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle app is a great option for Shopify store owners looking to maximize their sales and increase their average order values. With this app, you can offer upsell and cross-sell solutions via popup displays that are designed to match the look and feel of your store. You can create unlimited offers with products and set various discount types, customize the look of your widgets, and track your improvements with an overview report. Additionally, the app is mobile responsive and available in seven languages. By leveraging this app, you can increase average order values and boost sales.


  • Upsell & Cross Sell Popups: The Avada Upsell & Cross Sell Bundle app allows you to create compelling offers to your customers via popups on both the product and cart pages.
  • Unlimited Offers: Create unlimited offers to feature discounts and promotions on your store.
  • Discount Types: With the Avada Upsell & Cross Sell Bundle app you can offer various discount types to give customers more options when making purchases.
  • Customizable Widgets: Customize the look and feel of your popup widgets to create an experience that is cohesive with your store design and branding.
  • Mobile Responsive: The Avada Upsell & Cross Sell Bundle app is optimized for mobile to ensure customers can access your store on any device.
  • Language Translation: The app is available in seven languages, making it easier to target different audiences.
  • Overview Report: Track your performance with the app's overview report to see which offers are generating the most revenue.
  • Design Customization: Customize the design of your widgets to create a better customer experience.
  • Support: The Avada Upsell & Cross Sell Bundle app provides excellent customer support to help you with any questions or issues.
  • Free Trial: Try the app for free to experience all that it has to offer.


The Avada Upsell & Cross Sell Bundle app is available to Shopify users for free. With this free version, users are able to experience all of the key features that the app has to offer. Users can also upgrade and purchase additional features and capabilities to maximize the app's potential. The upgrade version includes additional customization options, improved targeting capabilities, and more.