Elevate customer support on Shopify with EasyCall. Feature-rich with click-to-call, virtual call center, and CRM integration for superior service.

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EasyCall ‑ Phone Number & Call

EasyCall ‑ Phone Number & Call

Get phone number & phone call + SMS messages


EasyCall is a phone number and call center app for Shopify stores that allows merchants to provide top-tier support with a click to call widget, business phone number, and virtual call center. This app is perfect for providing real-time support to new shoppers, as well as providing an extra support channel to keep existing customers coming back for more. With EasyCall merchants can add a click-to-call widget to their store, obtain a business phone number, integrate CRM call center software, manage multiple phone numbers & contacts, and send and receive SMS messages with a ticketing system.


  • Click to Call Widget: EasyCall provides merchants with a click to call widget to provide instant support when customers need it most.
  • Business Phone Number: Merchants get the ability to make and receive super cheap international calls with their EasyCall’s business phone number.
  • CRM Call Center Integration: EasyCall offers simple integration with Gorgias, Reamaze & Crisp for improved customer service.
  • SMS Messages: Merchants can support customers by sending and receiving SMS messages with a ticketing system.
  • Manage Multiple Phone Numbers & Contacts: EasyCall allows merchants to manage multiple phone numbers & contacts with ease.
  • Accessible from Anywhere: Merchant’s customers can call them from anywhere in the world with EasyCall’s web-based platform.
  • Cheap International Calls: Making and receiving international calls is super cheap with EasyCall’s business phone number.
  • Tracking & Reporting: Merchants can keep track & report on important performance metrics within their EasyCall dashboard.
  • Automation & Rules: EasyCall also allows merchants to set up call automation and rules to optimize customer service.
  • No Fees or Charges: Users of the EasyCall app don’t have to worry about unwanted charges or fees.


EasyCall is free to install and offers 3 subscription plans: Essentials($20/month), Growth ($50/month), and Professional ($100/month). Merchants can also use the Pay As You Go plan, which is completely free of charge.