Are you looking for the best Free Shipping Bar apps for Shopify? As a Shopify store owner, you need to make sure that your customers are aware of your free shipping policy. With the right Free Shipping Bar app, you can easily add a banner or notification to your store's pages, helping to both inform customers and incentivize them to spend more. This article will provide you with a list of the best Free Shipping Bar apps available on Shopify, so you can easily choose the right option for your store. From apps like Sweet Announcement to Free Shipping manager, this comprehensive list includes reviews and ratings, helping you decide which app best fits your needs. With the right Free Shipping Bar app, your customers will be better informed and you’ll enjoy more sales.

Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

Display trust badges and countdown timer to boost sales




Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop-up is a powerful sales solution designed to help Shopify merchants skyrocket sales. This app offers 13+ features to create attractive and effective promotion and sales strategies for your store, helping you reach your revenue goals. Among the features offered include Sales Popup, Promotion Bar, Countdown Timer, Trust Badges, Content Protection, Sticky Add-to-Cart and more. The app is free to use and makes it easy for Shopify users to make their store look more professional and drive more sales.

Bundle Bear ‑ Volume Discounts

Offer special bundles and volume discounts to boost your sales




Bundle Bear – Volume Discounts is a user-friendly app for Shopify stores that makes it easy to create product bundles, volume discounts, and tiered discounts to increase sales. With Bundle Bear, store owners and managers can offer customers more of the same product for a lower cost per unit, as well as motivating discounts that help to grow the average order value. The app also offers an array of features and settings, such as stacking multiple discounts and offers, mix and match discounts, tiered pricing and discounts to specific products or collections, and free shipping.

Cart Convert Upsell Cross sell

Upsell and cross-sell for more product sales and increased AOV




Cart Convert Upsell Cross Sell is an app specifically designed for Shopify stores that provides merchants with the opportunity to increase the average order value of their customers by creating offers, upselling higher-value products, or cross-selling based on what has been added to the cart. Merchants can recommend related products to encourage more items to be added to the cart, as well as present offers on the product pages or cart pages to better suit the customers’ needs. Additionally, the app can present recommended products that will help customers meet any free shipping requirements. By placing offers in front of the customers, merchants can maximize the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell their products, build better relationships with their customers, and ultimately drive more sales.

Essential Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar Upsell & Cross sell - Boost AOV!




The Essential Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify is the perfect tool to help boost sales and increase AOV. It makes it easier than ever to encourage customers to shop more and checkout with bigger orders. With features like unlimited cart value goals, a cart page and cart drawer free shipping progress bar, product page free shipping progress bar, product upsells, and customizability for any online store, the Essential Free Shipping Bar app offers an efficient and easy way for Shopify business owners to increase sales and AOV.

EVM Free Shipping Bar

Helps in showing a free shipping or promotion bar with goals




EVM Free Shipping Bar is an app released for Shopify stores to help them increase the visibility of their products and services. This app is an easy to use tool that allows store owners to add a Free Shipping Bar or Promotion Bar at the top of their site header to capture the attention of their visitors and make them more likely to convert. With the Free Shipping bar feature, they can easily set up their cart goals and the app will show the remaining amount needed to reach the goal in the bar.EVM Free Shipping Bar is a great tool for store owners who want to drive more engagement and increase conversion rates. The features of this app make it easy to use, while providing helpful features that make it a great choice for anyone wanting to make their products and services more visible and enticing.

Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

Increase sales with progressive shipping goal messages




Hextom: Free Shipping Bar is a Shopify app that provides merchants with the advanced targeting capabilities they need to create effective and persuasive promotions. This app enables merchants to easily create progressive messages displaying customers' shipping goals, schedule free shipping offers for peak sales events such as Black Friday, or create targeted offers for specific customers and regions. Hextom: Free Shipping Bar also supports automatic detection and conversion of free shipping amounts to local currencies, allowing international customers to take full advantage of the specials. What makes Hextom: Free Shipping Bar stand out from the competition is its impressive list of features that come at no cost to merchants. With Hextom: Free Shipping Bar, merchants can easily display progressive messages that track customers' shipping goals, customize their messages with advanced targeting options, take advantage of optional scheduling functions, enable 1-click setup without requiring any coding knowledge, and fully optimize their sales with targeted offers for multiple geographies and customer segments.

Intelligems Price Testing

A/B Test your prices and shipping rates to boost profit




Intelligems Price Testing is an app that allows merchants to simplify and automate the A/B testing of their prices, shipping rates, and volume discounts. It helps to boost profit using real data and robust analytics that provide insight into the impacts of the tests on their conversions, revenue, and cash margins. This comprehensive app is ideal for merchants of all sizes who want to keep the profit of their business up and running.

Libautech: Announcement Bar

Boost Sales with Customizable Announcement & Free Shipping Bar




Libautech: Announcement Bar is an effective and innovative way to grab the attention of customers and ultimately drive up sales. As a Shopify owner, Leveraging the Libautech: Announcement Bar app will give you the advantage of creating effective and stylish top bar notifications that are tailored to your store’s needs. These notification bars will draw attention from visitors and generate more sales. Libautech: Announcement Bar offers a variety of features such as free shipping bar, top notification bar, announcement bar and subscription bar. With the Libautech: Announcement Bar app, you can easily track the performance of each notification bar so you know which ones are working best.

Sales Box ‑ Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Box, Shipping Calculator, Delivery Time




The Sales Box - Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify offers customers the ability to customize their shipping information and promotions based on their location. This app helps businesses to increase their sales by making customers more aware of any shipping costs or promotions before they purchase. With no code required and compatible with almost all Shopify themes, this app may be the perfect solution for any business wanting to increase their sales and conversions.

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping bar with multiple cart goals to increase sales!




The Ultimate Free Shipping Bar app by Shopify is an easy to use tool that helps online stores to motivate customers to spend more by emphasizing free shipping offers. Through this app, you can create multiple cart goals and display them as a sticky bar on the cart page to indicate the progress of the purchase. This encourages customers to complete the purchase in a timely manner as they reach the goal and saves from having to customize different code to display the progress bar. The app also supports different goals for different countries, so you can create a unique goal for each country, demonstrating your commitment to global customer satisfaction.