Skyrocket sales and enhance store professionalism with Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop-up. Offer promotions, countdown timers, and more effortlessly.

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Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop‑up

Display trust badges and countdown timer to boost sales


Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop-up is a powerful sales solution designed to help Shopify merchants skyrocket sales. This app offers 13+ features to create attractive and effective promotion and sales strategies for your store, helping you reach your revenue goals. Among the features offered include Sales Popup, Promotion Bar, Countdown Timer, Trust Badges, Content Protection, Sticky Add-to-Cart and more. The app is free to use and makes it easy for Shopify users to make their store look more professional and drive more sales.


  • Sales Popup: Utilize sales popup to upsell, cross-sell, and complete bulk sales.
  • Promotion Bar: Entice customers with an attractive promotion bar that includes coupon codes and other features.
  • Countdown Timer: Create urgency with dynamic countdown timers which lets customers know when a sale is ending to drive conversions.
  • Trust Badges: Increase credibility and help customers feel more secure when purchasing items with trust badges.
  • Content Protection: Secure your store's content and protect it from potential misuse.
  • Sticky Add-to-Cart: Use sticky add-to-cart buttons to make checkout fast and efficient.
  • Inactive Tab: Make checkout simple and quick with inactive tab.
  • Multiple Facebook Pixel: Leverage the value of Social media networks with Multiple Facebook Pixel to better understand customer behavior and better retarget.
  • Livechat Widget: Communicate and engage with customers through a livechat widget.


Avada Trust Badge, Sale Pop-up offers a free plan.