Optimize pricing strategies on Shopify with Intelligems Price Testing. Automate A/B testing for prices, shipping rates, and volume discounts using robust analytics.

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Intelligems Price Testing

Intelligems Price Testing

A/B Test your prices and shipping rates to boost profit


Intelligems Price Testing is an app that allows merchants to simplify and automate the A/B testing of their prices, shipping rates, and volume discounts. It helps to boost profit using real data and robust analytics that provide insight into the impacts of the tests on their conversions, revenue, and cash margins. This comprehensive app is ideal for merchants of all sizes who want to keep the profit of their business up and running.


  • Split A/B Test Product Prices: Split A/B test product prices, including "compare at" prices, across your catalog. This feature allows you to adjust and target prices for specific groups of customers.
  • AB Test Shipping Rates & Free Shipping Thresholds: Test different shipping rates and free shipping thresholds to maximize sales and profits.
  • Live Customer Split Groups: Customers are split across groups and experiment live—real-time data for comparison gives you more accuracy in seeing what works the best.
  • Real-time Dashboard and Reports: Easily track AOV, conversion, and margin impacts in a single real-time dashboard and access reports in your metrics.
  • Change Visual Elements Across Groups: Change copy, banners, shipping bars, and other visual features across groups to see how customers respond according to different stimuli.
  • Advanced Volume Discounts: Create and edit volume discounts with ease.
  • Multi-currency: Intelligems support many currencies so merchants can test and optimize pricing across different currencies.
  • Insights Into Drifts and Changes: Easily detect shifts and changes with our insights related to conversion rates, revenue, and margins.
  • Support From a Team of Experts: Our team provides you with knowledge and assistance from running thousands of price elasticity tests.
  • Mobile Optimization: Optimize for mobile shoppers on any device.


Intelligems offers a free 7-day trial, after which the pricing plans available are:Basic Shipping: $99/monthSapphire: $299/month Diamond: $799/month All plans are affordable and offer unlimited data so merchants can find the pricing that best works for their business needs.