Are you looking for the perfect Etsy apps to take your Shopify store to the next level? You're in luck – we've put together a comprehensive list of the best Etsy apps for Shopify. These apps will help you sell your goods more effectively, manage your inventory and customer data, and even increase your sales. From Etsy Suite to Shopify's own official Etsy app, each of these apps is designed to help you get the most out of your own digital shop. With these easy-to-use apps, you'll be able to get the most out of your store and take your business to the next level! Make sure to check these powerful tools out and find the right app for your business.

Easy Import ‑ Etsy Migration

Products import. Migration from Etsy made easy. Bulk import.




Easy Import – Etsy Migration is an app that makes it easy to move product listings from Etsy to Shopify. In just two clicks, you can migrate product titles, descriptions, images, and variants from Etsy, easily skipping any products previously imported. You can even assign products to collections during the import from the CSV file. This app is the perfect tool for Shopify owners looking to make the transition from Etsy to Shopify and quickly get their products listed!

Etsy App

Export products, import orders, data sync.




The Etsy App is a great solution for Shopify merchants looking to expand their reach to millions of potential new buyers on one of the most popular handmade-goods marketplaces. With Etsy App, all Shopify merchants can quickly and easily export their Shopify products to Etsy and manage their Etsy orders in Shopify hassle-free. Etsy App also makes the difficult task of keeping product data up-to-date a breeze, with its timely synchronization of prices, stock, and images—allowing merchants to enjoy their time elsewhere instead of continually entering duplicate data into Shopify and Etsy. With the Etsy App, Shopify merchants can tap into a new audience and increase sales without any additional effort or manual intervention.

Etsy Integration ‑ ShopList

Sync with Etsy marketplace for listings, orders and inventory.




Etsy Integration – ShopList is a great app for Shopify users that allows them to sync with Etsy and automate many of their labor-intensive manual processes. It helps to sync their inventory and orders in real time, so users don’t have to worry about manually updating product details, or dealing with missing variations. ShopList also allows users to bulk import and export product data from Etsy, and make sure pricing, SKU and stock levels are up to date.ShopList is an easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable app for Shopify store owners who want to experience an improved workflow when managing their Etsy shop. Its features allow for smooth synchronisation between Shopify and Etsy, and its price plans are affordable for a range of business sizes.

Etsy Integration & Sync

Etsy Sync : Products, Inventory, Orders. 24/7 Livechat support




Are you an Etsy seller also looking to expand your business online with a platform like Shopify to diversify your income channels? Etsy Integration & Sync app makes it incredibly easy for you to go from Etsy seller to Shopify seller with just a few clicks.With Etsy Integration & Sync app you can sync your listings, orders and inventory without any manual hassle. This app automates the management of your Etsy store, enabling you to bulk upload products from Shopify to Etsy and bulk import products from Etsy to Shopify. Shopify also preserves Etsy's SEO-optimized titles and prices and synchronizes inventory in real-time.Etsy Integration & Sync app also helps you manage all Etsy orders in your Shopify Dashboard, as well as separate them from Shopify orders for bookkeeping. This app allows you to separate VAT from your Etsy sales on Shopify and prevent syncing of Etsy Sales Tax to Shopify, in order to avoid double taxation.

Etsy Integration Inventory

Easy Etsy Integration-inventory, Orders, Quantities




Etsy Integration Inventory is an app that allows Shopify users to easily export listings to Etsy and sync order quantities and replicate orders between the two platforms. This app makes it easy for Etsy sellers to better manage their inventory, orders, and listings between both Shopify and Etsy stores. The app provides three main capabilities: Export listings from Shopify to Etsy with a click of a button, bidirectional quantity sync, and replicating orders from Etsy to Shopify. The app comes with a 14-day free trial and is priced at $19/month afterwards. Additional charges may apply. Please note that some features may be restricted depending on your subscription plan.

Etsy Integration, Import

Import & manage products across multiple Etsy, eBay stores




OneEtsy is a Shopify app that helps merchants efficiently sync and list products to multiple Etsy stores. With its auto-optimized Etsy feeds, merchants can effortlessly maintain product information and enjoy a higher success rate. OneEtsy is equipped with a number of useful features to help Shopify store owners quickly reach over 40 million potential buyers on Etsy.

Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy listings, inventory sync, orders sync, easy integration




The Etsy Marketplace Integration app provides Shopify store owners a comprehensive solution to manage their product categories, attributes, and shipping in bulk. With automated and regular synchronization of related data, Etsy Marketplace Integration app makes it easier for store owners to personalize orders and ship them with or without tracking. To further simplify store management it also offers features like creating pre-existing Etsy products on Shopify or link to older unlinked products, as well as the capability to choose an inventory location to fulfill orders from if a store has multiple. Best of all, the app comes with a Free plan, 7-day free trial, and no additional charges may apply.

Etsy Reviews by Reputon

Import Etsy reviews. Embed testimonials & rating badge widget.




Etsy Reviews by Reputon is a Shopify app that simplifies the process of displaying reviews and testimonials on your Shopify store to increase trust and boost sales. With the app, you can easily import reviews and testimonials from Etsy with one click, meaning no code is required. Moreover, you can embed rating widgets in any part of your Shopify page and even create a carousel with a rating list, small badges, and compact slideshows. In short, Etsy Reviews by Reputon is an easy-to-use and efficient app to enhance your store’s reputation and generate greater sales.

Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews

Import Etsy, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Social & Photo Reviews




Shopify merchants now have access to the Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews app to sync their existing customer reviews from sites like Etsy, Amazon, Facebook and Google, and to make them available on their Shopify store. This app provides an effective way to build trust and increase sales by publishing engaging customer reviews on the store’s homepage, product pages, and other pages.The app offers a powerful set of features that include the ability to sync customer reviews, publish them to the Shopify store, and reward customers for leaving reviews with coupon codes to ensure they continue to shop at the store. Furthermore, it supports customization options, allowing users to adjust the look and feel of reviews to fit the design of their store.

inkFrog for eBay

Import, export or sync your products with eBay.




InkFrog for eBay is an app from the Shopify store that enables Shopify users to list to eBay faster than ever before. With InkFrog, Shopify sellers can export their eBay listings to Shopify and keep their eBay or Amazon orders and inventory in sync. It also allows users to create beautiful eBay templates.Ebay listing is made easy by this app, without having any hurdles and complications. It also has a feature of managing eBay like a pro which enables users to keep their store profiles completely up to date and list their products easily and quickly. inkFrog for eBay has four different payment plans, with a free plan, a Small plan ($11/month) a Basic plan ($19/month) and a Proffesional plan ($29/month).

Integration for eBay

Effortlessly sell on eBay to improvise sales




Integration for eBay is a Shopify app that helps Shopify Merchants list, manage, and edit products, stocks and orders seamlessly from Shopify to eBay. It is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their eBay sales while managing multiple eBay accounts from the comfort of their Shopify store. With an efficient navigation system and easy-to-use interface, it's easy to understand the entire workflow and customize your profile with eBay business policies. Moreover, Integration for eBay helps you convert Shopify currency to the pricing of eBay and use Meta Fields for item-specifics.

Professional Importer For eBay

Import From eBay Seller Account With Real-Time Inventory Sync




Professional Importer for eBay is an app from Shopify that helps merchants easily import products from their eBay Seller account to their Shopify store. It allows merchants to synchronize their inventory and prices from eBay to Shopify in real time, fetch all of the eBay listings, and make sure newly-added items appear in both platforms. Professional Importer for eBay also allows merchants to set customized pricing rules to mark up prices for their Shopify store.

Shuttle ‑ Sync with Etsy

Effortless sync of products, inventories, orders & reviews




The Shuttle ‑ Sync with Etsy app for Shopify helps shop owners maintain two-way syncing between their Shopify store and Etsy shop. It eliminates the need to spend precious time transferring and updating products in two shops and ensures matching inventories and efficient product management. The app allows customers to transfer and update products between the two stores, control what and how to update, display Etsy reviews in Shopify with the auto-product assignment and automate and manage orders in Shopify with automatic fulfillment. Customers can also save time by using the app to automatically transfer reviewed products, orders, and reviews between shops. In addition, Shuttle offers stock alerts and batch content editors, SKU generation, and shipping profile matching. The app also provides full reporting on stock levels, SKUs, and states.