Bridge Etsy and Shopify seamlessly with Etsy Integration & Sync. Manage listings, orders, and inventory effortlessly across both platforms.

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Etsy Integration & Sync

Etsy Integration & Sync

Etsy Sync : Products, Inventory, Orders. 24/7 Livechat support


Are you an Etsy seller also looking to expand your business online with a platform like Shopify to diversify your income channels? Etsy Integration & Sync app makes it incredibly easy for you to go from Etsy seller to Shopify seller with just a few clicks.With Etsy Integration & Sync app you can sync your listings, orders and inventory without any manual hassle. This app automates the management of your Etsy store, enabling you to bulk upload products from Shopify to Etsy and bulk import products from Etsy to Shopify. Shopify also preserves Etsy's SEO-optimized titles and prices and synchronizes inventory in real-time.Etsy Integration & Sync app also helps you manage all Etsy orders in your Shopify Dashboard, as well as separate them from Shopify orders for bookkeeping. This app allows you to separate VAT from your Etsy sales on Shopify and prevent syncing of Etsy Sales Tax to Shopify, in order to avoid double taxation.


  • Export products from Shopify to Etsy: The app allows you to export products from Shopify to Etsy in bulk with just a few clicks.
  • Import products from Etsy to Shopify: This app also allows you to import your Etsy products to Shopify in bulk with just a few clicks.
  • Real-time inventory sync: Etsy Integration & Sync app allows you to synchronize inventory across Shopify and Etsy stores in real-time to avoid overselling and restocking issues.
  • Real-time product and order sync: With real-time product and order sync, you can ensure nothing is missed when transitioning your customers from one platform to the other.
  • Order fulfillment with/without tracking number: The app allows you to fulfill orders with or without tracking numbers, making sure you are not leaving any customer unprepared.
  • Syncs prices and titles automatically: All your product titles and prices are automatically synchronized across both platforms, leaving out any manual errors.
  • Supports multiple languages: Etsy Integration & Sync app is available in multiple languages, helping you reach out to a wide global audience.
  • Seamless customer journey: The app helps create seamless customer journeys, allowing customers to order from either platform as per their preference.
  • Integrate Shopify and Etsy orders: The app helps you integrate Shopify and Etsy orders and manage them from a central dashboard.
  • Prevent double taxation: With the app's help, you can prevent double taxation with the automatic syncing of VAT to Shopify.


The Etsy Integration & Sync app is available in three different packages: Growth, Explorer, and VIP. The Growth package is available for $19.99/month, the Explorer package is available for $29.99/month and the VIP package is available for $59.99/month. There is also a 7-day free trial available for each package. Each package includes different features and offers the user different capabilities. With this wide range of features and pricing packages, Etsy Integration & Sync app is an easy and efficient way for Etsy sellers to expand their business into Shopify and increase sales. Etsy Integration & Sync app makes it easy and stressless for Etsy sellers to migrate their product listings, orders and inventory to Shopify and synchronize these changes in real-time.