Keep customers updated on product availability with Back In Stock Restock. Prevent missed purchases and alert customers when products are restocked.

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Back In Stock Restock

Back In Stock Restock

Notify Back in Stock , Restock Alerts , Out of stock - 2.0


Back In Stock Restock is a Shopify app from Zooomy, that provides customers a tool to help them better manage their stock while also providing them with an easy way to stay informed of when a product is back in stock. With this app, customers are able to stay up-to-date on the availability of products and, as a result, won’t miss out on buying products they had their eye on. Store owners get to benefit from the app as they will be able to alert their customers when the desired product is once again available to purchase.


  • Automatic and Manual Restock Email Features: The app offers an automated restock email feature that lets customers sign up to receive notifications whenever a previously out-of-stock product is once again in stock. The manual feature allows for the customization of email content, font, and background color.
  • Works Well with almost every Theme on Shopify Theme Store: Back In Stock Restock was designed to work well with most Shopify themes, allowing a store to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Location Feature: This app can be used to set up different notifications based on a customer’s location.
  • Hide Widget from Selected Products: Store owners are able to selectively hide the “Back In Stock” widget from products they don’t want to inform customers about.
  • Two-Opt Feature: The Two-Opt feature allows customers to double-opt in to receive notifications, thus ensuring they don’t get bombarded with emails.
  • Collection Page Feature: This feature enables customers to sign up for notifications from the collection page as well as from individual products.
  • Export List of Subscribers: Stores can easily export a list of subscribers when needed.
  • Subscription for Newsletter Feature: Customers are able to subscribe to newsletters from the app.
  • Email Notifications to Admin: Store owners are able to receive notifications when a customer has signed up.
  • Thank You Email Feature: The app sends out thank you emails to customers when they sign up.


Back In Stock Restock offers 4 different levels of pricing plans. There is a free plan that makes it easier for store owners to test out the app before committing to a paid plan. The Pro plan is priced at $5.99/month, The Premium plan is priced at $19.99/month and the Advanced plan is priced at $39.99/month. All plans come with a 7-day free trial. Overall, the Back In Stock Restock app is a very useful tool for store owners looking to inform their customers when products become available. The app is very easy to use and provides a simple way for store owners to manage their stock and keep customers updated. The pricing plans are also very reasonable and the free trial period allows for users to test out the app and evaluate if it meets their needs before investing in a paid plan.