Sell digital files effortlessly with Digital Downloads. Easily add digital files to products, track orders, and send download links. Perfect for digital art, e-books, graphics, and more. Free to use.

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Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Sell digital files like e-books, art, graphics and more.


The Digital Downloads app for Shopify makes it easy to sell digital files right from your Shopify store. With this app, content creators and businesses of any size can easily integrate their store to add digital files to existing or new products, conveniently track orders, and send direct download links to customers. Whether you’re trying to sell digital art, e-books, graphics, or more, Digital Downloads provides a straightforward way to do so without needing any coding knowledge. And the best part? It's free to use.


  • Add digital files to products: With Digital Downloads, users can quickly and easily add PDFs, jpegs, and Zip files to any product in their store.
  • Combine physical and digital product variants: Users can easily add digital file variants to physical or digital product variants, enabling them to deliver the perfect product to their customers.
  • Send download links: Once customers purchase a product that contains a digital file, Digital Downloads will automatically send them a direct download link via email.
  • Track orders: Digital Downloads makes it easy to track orders, allowing users to know when they’ve been fulfilled and when customers have downloaded their items.
  • Set custom download limits: When setting up a product, users can set custom limits on how many times a customer can download the item.
  • Automatic generation: The Digital Downloads app automatically generates and stores the files during initial setup.
  • Local storage: Files are securely stored on Shopify’s local storage and can be accessed directly from the order page.
  • Generate reports: The app will also generate reports, so users can easily track digital file sales from their stores.
  • Easy installation: Installing the Digital Downloads app is quick and easy. Within minutes, you can get started selling digital files from your store.
  • Multi-language support: The app allows for multi-language support, though this feature does require an additional subscription.


The Digital Downloads app is free to use, with no setup or subscription fees. However, if users want to enable multi-language support, they can opt for an additional subscription.