Build trust on Shopify with Loox. Collect and showcase customer reviews, photos, and videos, and leverage social proof to drive sales.

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Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is A photo reviews app that helps Shopify merchants collect visual reviews and display them in review galleries..


Loox is a product review, photo and video app for Shopify stores. Loox helps you collect and showcase customer purchased reviews, photographs and videos on your store, turning customer love into a selling factor with social proof. It is a great way to build trust with potential customers and encourage more sales.Loox is fully customizable and supports many languages in addition to being easy to integrate with any existing technology stack. What's more, you can also reward customers who refer their friends with referral links. Loox is an official Google Reviews Partner, enabling you to post reviews directly to Google Shopping.With Loox Product Reviews & Photos, you can boost customer confidence and increase your shop's trustworthiness. Now you can leverage the powerful advantages of social proof like never before and drive sales.


  • Automatic Review Request Emails: With Loox you can easily automate the process of sending review request emails to previous purchasers. This allows you to quickly and easily collect product reviews from people who have used your products.
  • Offer Discounts for Adding a Photo / Video: Loox will let you offer customers a discount when they leave a photo or video along with their review. This helps encourage more customers to leave product reviews, and is a great way to increase customer engagement.
  • Display Reviews in Beautiful Widgets: With Loox, you can easily display customer reviews in grid, list, carousel, popup and sidebar widgets. It is very easy to customize the look and feel of your reviews, making them more attractive to customers and inspiring trust.
  • Integrate with Google Shopping: Loox is an official Google Reviews Partner which allows you to post reviews directly to Google Shopping. This helps to make your products appear more prominently in search results, giving you higher visibility and driving more customers to your store.
  • Auto-Generate Referral Links: Loox helps you generate referral links for customers, so that you can give them an incentive for referring their friends to your store. This is a great way to increase order value and boost sales.
  • Social Proof Upsells: Loox makes it easy to increase order value by leveraging social proof post purchase. You can use reviews from customers to suggest additional items to customers based on their past buying habits and preferences.
  • Beautiful User Interface: Loox has a beautiful and intuitive user interface which makes it easy to set up and manage reviews. In addition, you can quickly customize the display of reviews to match your store's branding and look.
  • Multi-language Support: Loox supports many languages, making it easy to collect and showcase reviews from an international customer base.
  • Technology Integrations: With Loox, you can easily integrate your store with any existing technology stack. This means that you can easily integrate Loox with other apps and services that you are already using to manage and promote your store.
  • Auto-Pilot Mode: Loox helps you to automate almost all of the review and referral collection process. This helps to make the entire process of managing customer reviews hassle-free and increases efficiency.


Loox Product Reviews & Photos offers three different pricing plans. The Beginner plan costs $9.99/month, the Growth plan costs $34.99/month, and the Unlimited plan costs $299.99/month. Additionally, a 14-day free trial is also offered. Additional charges may apply for extra services.