Engage customers on Shopify with LiveChat. Provide effective customer service with chat invitations, product recommendations, and a comprehensive help desk.

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LiveChat: Live Chat, Help Desk

LiveChat: Live Chat, Help Desk

Live Chat with Help Desk and Product Recommendations


LiveChat: Live Chat, Help Desk is an app specifically designed for Shopify stores to help them engage with customers and provide effective customer service. It provides a number of features, including chat invitations, product recommendations with interactive cards, access to a customer’s shopping cart to identify their context, and tickets for more complex cases that can’t be resolved during a chat. LiveChat makes it easier for Shopify merchants to engage with and provide service to their customers by offering a platform that is full of comprehensive and user-friendly features. It allows customers to give feedback on their experiences and provides stores with the tools they need to respond to customers in real-time. In addition, LiveChat ensures that customers can quickly and effectively be helped with whatever need they have, making it easy to build trust and loyalty between store and customer.


  • Chat Invitations: LiveChat allows you to engage on-site visitors with chat invitations. This is a great way to interact with customers and build customer relationships.
  • Product Recommendations: LiveChat lets you make product recommendations to customers via interactive cards. This helps increase average order value.
  • Customer History: You can view the customer’s order history directly from the chat window, allowing you to identify their context and provide personalised customer service.
  • Carts: LiveChat provides you with access to the customer’s cart which allows you to identify their context and suggest complementary products.
  • Tickets: LiveChat also provides a tickets feature to help you handle complex cases that can’t be resolved during a chat.
  • Custom Fields: LiveChat lets you customize fields in the chat window to give you more information about the customer.
  • Automations: You can set up automations to welcome customers and initiate customer chats.
  • Reporting: LiveChat provides a reporting feature to give you insight into the performance of your customer service.
  • Notifications: You can set up notifications so you are alerted when something new happens in the chat.
  • Security & Compliance: LiveChat provides data backup, encrypts all data, and follows privacy laws.


LiveChat offers four different plans to suit different store sizes and customer service needs. The Starter plan is available for $19/month, the Team plan is available for $39/month, and the Business plan is available for $59/month. A 14-day free trial is also available for all plans.