Customize products effortlessly on Shopify with Kickflip. Offer advanced customization options for increased engagement and sales.

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Kickflip ‑ Customize Products

Kickflip ‑ Customize Products

Visual product personalizer. Add variants, images & texts


The Kickflip Customize Products app for Shopify is dedicated to helping merchants create custom products and achieve their commercial goals while making the purchasing journey enjoyable and straightforward for their customers. It presents some of the industry's best product customization, personalization, and optimization tools that are designed to reduce complexity and maximize the customer's creativity, leading to increased engagement and an increase in sales. Adding color variants, text, images, and components options to customize a product is easily within reach with this app, thanks to its user-friendly customizer and live previews. With real-time pricing updates, dynamic coloring, and product bundles, Kickflip Customize Products helps merchants make complex customizations a breeze.


  • Previews available in high quality: This app offers a real-time product preview with the ability to view a product from multiple angles. This is an essential feature for creating custom products that meet the customer's needs. With one quick glance, customers will be able to look at various options, making the purchasing journey even more enjoyable.
  • Dynamic pricing: Real-time pricing updates enable customers to see their total cost as they build the custom product. This instant feedback is designed to make the purchasing journey easier and encourage more sales.
  • Live Color customization: Kickflip Customize Products allows you to apply colors dynamically on customizable parts of the product. This makes it easier for customers to customize their products with the colors they want.
  • Multi-component products: Customers have the ability to access a wide range of products with various components. These components can be individually added to or removed from your product, and customers can also view a variety of combinations.
  • Drive Upsells: Customize Products offers a feature that allows merchants to create visual mixes for product bundles. This provides customers with an easy way to upsell and find value in their purchases.
  • Adding Custom Components: Custom components can be added to any product at any time, giving customers further possibility to create unique custom product options.
  • Visual Style Options: This app also offers an extensive range of styling options for customers to personalize their product. Customers can choose colors and fonts for their text, backgrounds for their images, and a variety of shapes for logos and designs.
  • Easy Integration: Kickflip Customize Products is easy to integrate with your existing Shopify store, making the transition from a standard store straightforward.
  • Multi-Language Support: The app supports multiple languages, making it perfect for international stores. This ensures customers from around the world will have no trouble creating the custom product of their dreams.


Kickflip Customize Products has a free plan available and a 14-day free trial. After the trial, more plans are available, including Essential, Startup, Pro, and Business. All plans have different monthly subscription costs, starting with Essential (Free), Startup ($29/month), Pro ($79/month) and, Business ($229/month).