Automate stock management with Stockyphi. Hide out-of-stock products, redirect customers, and boost revenue. Free installation and advanced features.

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Stockyphi ‑ Hide Out Of Stock

Stockyphi ‑ Hide Out Of Stock

Auto Hide Out of Stock, Sold Out product, 404 Redirect for OOS


Stockyphi is a Shopify app that simplifies and automates the management of your store’s stock. It hides out-of-stock products from customers and automatically redirects visitors to an in-stock product if a desired product is sold out. It not only improves your customer experience but can also help maximize your store’s potential revenue. This app also features advance rules, notifications alerts, and multi-location support. Best of all, it is completely free to install, with additional pricing plans available for those with larger inventories.


  • AutoHide Sold Out + Redirect: Automatically hide sold out products from your store so that your customers don’t feel frustrated. Automatically redirect visitors to an in-stock product if a desired product is out of stock.
  • Multi Location: The app has native multi-location support that allows you to manage stock levels across multiple stores.
  • Advanced Rules: Offers advance rules to hide/ redirect out of stock products automatically.
  • Alert Notifications: Receive notifications whenever stock levels reach low levels
  • No Code Installation: Easy to integrate with no code installation.
  • Real Time Syncing: Syncs instantly with Shopify without any lag in stock levels.
  • Goal-Based Reports: Receive goal-based reporting on the performance of your store’s stock levels.


Stockyphi allows a store to manage up to 100 products for free. Basic plans start at $5/month for stores with larger inventories. The Pro plan costs $10/month and the business plan costs $20/month. Costs may also include additional fees for add-on features. All plans come with a 14 day free trial.