Simplify international commerce with Zonos Duty and Tax. Quote, collect, remit duties, and enhance customer experience.

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Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax

Calculate and collect duty, tax, fees at checkout w/remittance


The Zonos Duty and Tax app for Shopify is designed to ease the complexities of international commerce. It helps businesses selling goods to international customers to easily quote, collect, remit, and reconcile duties, taxes, and fees up-front, creating a better customer experience for their international customers and eliminating the headache for seller businesses. The app includes automated cross-border tax compliance, reliable landed-cost calculations, essential VAT and IOSS registration, and seamlessly integrated shipping rates where businesses can connect their own carrier rates for better control. The app also provides a platform for businesses to welcome international customers in their default language, making them feel comfortable in the product and service they are purchasing.


  • Quote and collect accurate duties, taxes and fees: One of the main features of Zonos Duty and Tax app is that it allows businesses to accurately quote and collect duties, taxes, and fees for international orders. This eliminates the hassle of manually calculating taxes and makes sure businesses are compliant with any international laws. As well, businesses have the option to choose their own carrier rates, giving better control over shipping costs.
  • Automated Cross-Border Tax Compliance: The app also helps businesses with automated cross-border tax compliance. This includes ensuring compliance with UK VAT, an essential in light of Brexit, as well as EU IOSS. With Zonos, businesses don't need to worry about making costly mistakes with their cross-border tax obligations.
  • In-Country Tax Registration: Zonos also helps businesses with in-country tax registration if needed. This ensures businesses are compliant and all taxes are processed and paid correctly. This eliminates the hassle of manual in-country tax calculations and filing, and helps businesses ensure their customers receive their orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Welcome International Shoppers in their Default Language: Zonos helps businesses extend a warm welcome to international shoppers by providing the ability to have their default language on the website. This is important to make international customers feel at home while they shop and make their purchase. This feature also reduces the costs of translation and makes it easier for shoppers to understand their order.
  • Accurate calculations and collection: The app also features accurate calculations and collections, making it easier and faster to process orders. This helps businesses avoid costly errors and provides a better customer experience by ensuring customers get their orders in a timely manner. Additionally, businesses are able to easily reconcile their transactions to ensure that the taxes and fees remain accurate and up-to-date.
  • Reconciliation and Remittance: The app also simplifies reconciliation and remittance of taxes and fees. This helps businesses save time and money and ensures accuracy of calculations, making it easier for businesses to stay compliant with international taxation laws.
  • Integrate Shipping rates: The app allows businesses to connect their own carrier accounts for more control over shipping rates. This eliminates the hassle of constantly updating the shipping rates and makes it easier for businesses to ensure their customers receive their orders in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Fraud Protection: The Zonos Duty and Tax app also provides fraud protection for businesses. This is vital to ensure businesses are providing the best experience to their customers, and that any fraudulent purchases can be detected and blocked in a timely manner.
  • Fast & Secured Checkout Process: The app also provides a fast and secure checkout process. This helps customers get their orders as quickly and securely as possible and gives businesses the confidence of knowing that their customers' details are secure.
  • Multi-Language Support: Lastly, the app supports various languages, making it easier for businesses to cater to their customers all around the world. This helps to ensure customers can understand and purchase the goods they want with ease, no matter where they may be located.


The Zonos Duty and Tax app for Shopify has two pricing plan. The Standard plan comes at $208.33/Month. The premium plan comes at $333.33/Month.