Elevate your Shopify store with the Angle 3D Configurator – 3D & AR app. Offer customers an immersive product customization experience with photorealistic 3D and AR features.

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Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR

Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR

3D & Augmented Reality(AR) customizations to boost conversion.


The Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR app for Shopify is a powerful tool for creating an interactive 3D product customization experience for customers. The app is compatible with both Online Store 2.0 and older Shopify themes and offers a wide range of features allowing merchants to customize their products with photorealistic details in 3D. The app also allows customers to view the 3D product in their space using augmented reality. Additionally, merchants can create conditional options logic, offer custom text and custom image options, and make their store fully translatable using a variety of translation tools.


  • Create 3D Customization Options: The Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR app for Shopify allows merchants to create their own 3D customization options, such as color and texture options, product variations, and more.
  • Bind Shopify Variants to 3D Customization: The app makes it easy to bind Shopify variants to your 3D customization options, allowing customers to easily customize their products in 3D.
  • Offer an AR Experience: Using augmented reality, the app allows customers to view the 3D product in their own space. This offers customers an immersive, interactive experience when considering their product purchase.
  • Create Conditional Options Logic: Customers can set certain conditions and rules for customizing their product, ensuring the product they create meets their needs.
  • Offer Custom Text and Image Options: The app allows merchants to offer their customers the ability to customize products with custom text and images.
  • Fully Translatable: The app is compatible with multiple translation tools, allowing you to make your store available in multiple languages.
  • Multiple Product Options: The app supports an unlimited number of product variations, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of options.
  • Easy Setup: Getting started with Angle 3D Configurator is simple and requires minimal setup, including just a 3D model of your product.
  • Expert Support: Angle 3D Configurator offers a dedicated customer service team that is available anytime to help merchants get started and answer any questions.
  • Advanced Analytics: The app provides merchants with advanced analytics and insights, helping them track customer engagement and monitor user interactions with their products.


The Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR app offers a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of different businesses. There is a 14-day free trial period to allow customers to trial the app and decide whether it's right for them. The Basic plan is $39/month, the Premium plan is $69/month, the Professional plan is $99/month, and the Enterprise plan is $199/month.