Simplify shipping and save on costs with Zenstores. Automate shipping, print labels, and track orders easily.

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Zenstores: UK Shipping

Zenstores: UK Shipping

Faster, easier & cheaper shipping for UK-based businesses


Zenstores is a Shopify app that helps merchants and ecommerce businesses faster, easier, and cheaper shipping for all their orders. Designed with convenience and profitability in mind, the app helps both aspiring retailers and established businesses to automate their shipping process, print out shipping labels and fulfillment docs, and more. As a result, merchants can focus their time and resources on growing their business while saving money on shipping costs. Zenstores app supports the major shipping carriers, including Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Evri, and more. This makes it easy for merchants to ship in-country and internationally. With the app’s automated order management and dispatch features, it also allows users to easily keep their customers in the loop as they track their orders.The app is free to install but it’s subject to additional charges pertaining to the shipment created from the platform.


  • Automatically Imports Orders: Zenstores allows merchants to automatically and seamlessly import orders from their Shopify store, as well as from other leading marketplaces like eBay, and Amazon. This reduces the time needed for manual entry enabling users to attend to more urgent matters.
  • Print Shipping Labels: Merchants can easily print out shipping labels and fulfillment documents quickly to manage their orders.
  • Ship with Own Carriers: Zenstores makes it easy for merchants to ship using their very own carrier accounts as well as buy discounted shipping rates.
  • Automate Shipping Process: Zenstores provides its users with powerful, easy-to-use order management features to automate the shipping process. This makes it easy to ensure orders are properly dispatched and shipped.
  • Dispatch Orders: Users can also track their orders and dispatch them with Zenstores, a great way to make sure their customers stay informed during delivery times.
  • Collaborative Tool: Zenstores can also be used as a collaborative tool, enabling multiple team members to manage orders. This makes it easier for merchants to assign tasks and will greatly increase the efficiency of their operations.
  • Advanced Shipping Rules: Zenstores also comes with advanced shipping rules, giving merchants more control over their operations and an extra layer of intelligence when taking care of their customers.
  • Global Support: The app provides support for a wide range of carrier services, including Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, and more. This makes it convenient for merchants to also ship globally.


Zenstores is free to install and use. Merchants would only pay for the additional charges that may apply to their shipments. These charges depend on the number of shipments created from the platform.