Maximize ROI & Minimize Ad Waste With Universal Attribution

Unlock the secrets of a DTC Home Brand achieved a 15% increase in ROI while reducing wasted ad spend through Lifesight's Multi-Touch Attribution With billions in annual sales, identifying standout channels proved elusive. This ambiguity created inefficiencies and impeded business objectives, underscoring the urgent need for precise ad attribution to fine-tune spend and elevate ROI.

Maximize ROI & Minimize Ad Waste With Universal Attribution

Unlocking new heights of efficiency with Lifesight Measurement

Explore the transformative journey of a DTC Home Brand as they harness Lifesight Measurement to elevate ROI and dramatically reduce wasted ad spend.


  1. Confronted with the challenge of discerning which channels were truly instrumental in driving conversions, the marketing team waded through an intricate maze of ambiguity.
  2. Depending on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) only exacerbated the issue, yielding attribution reports as reliable and punctual as a melting ice sculpture in the desert.
  3. Lacking a unified, unduplicated overview of customer actions across multiple advertising platforms, the team found themselves wrestling with an eternally incomplete jigsaw puzzle.


Lifesight offered a comprehensive lens on customer behavior across all touchpoints, illuminating each channel's role in the customer journey. By allowing brands to choose customized attribution models and windows, the platform aligned analytics with business goals. Detailed, configurable reports provided actionable insights, enabling real-time, data-driven strategy optimization.

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