Increase Ad Budget Strategically With Incrementality Tests and Geo-experiments

Discover how Lifesight's Incrementality Tests and Geo-Experiments empowered a Personal Care Brand to confidently increase its advertising budget Texas-based women's lifestyle brand, with a $500,000 monthly ad spend and 30 years in eco-conscious personal care, hit a growth plateau. Despite digital savvy and successful Google Shopping campaigns, they struggled with unclear channel efficacy and campaign overlap, prompting an urgent need to scrutinize their marketing impact.

Increase Ad Budget Strategically With Incrementality Tests and Geo-experiments

Unlocking budget potential through Lifesight Incrementality Measurement and Geo-Experiments

Explore how Lifesight's Incrementality Measurement and Geo-Experiments empowered a Personal-care brand to bolster their ad budget and enhance ROI.


  1. One big question persisted: Was the brand's lack of growth due to ineffective media strategies, or were other factors involved?
  2. With so many digital tactics in use, it was hard for the brand to figure out which ones were actually boosting the bottom line.
  3. Issues like unclear accountability and overlapping campaigns made it even more challenging to know where to invest resources effectively.


Leveraging Lifesight's Geo-experiment feature, the brand customized a campaign targeting specific geographic areas. Relying on AI-backed insights, they implemented strategic recommendations and monitored real-time metrics. They then analyzed incremental lift across channels and tactics, and optimized future campaigns based on these data-driven findings.

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