Total Email Clicks

Total Email Clicks measure the success of your email campaigns by tracking the number of times users clicked on any link in your email.

Total Email Clicks is an important email marketing metric, that measures the success of email campaigns by tracking the total number of times users clicked on any link in your emails. It is an indicator of how engaged and interested users are in the information shared through your emails. To calculate the Total Email Clicks, you can use the formula sum of email clicks.


Total Email Clicks = Number of Emails Sent x Click-through Rate (CTR)


  • Let's say an e-commerce company sent out 10,000 marketing emails for a special promotion, and the click-through rate (CTR) for those emails was 5%. To calculate the total email clicks:
  • Total Email Clicks = 10,000 emails x 0.05 (5% CTR) = 500 clicks

Why is Total Email Clicks important?

It is important to track and measure Total Email Clicks in order to get an understanding of how effective your email campaigns are and how users are engaging with your emails. You can use this data to optimize your email campaigns and target potential users. For example, if you see an increase in Total Email Clicks for particular links or content, it’s a good indication to focus more of your attention on that subject or content.

Which factors impact Total Email Clicks?

To improve Total Email Clicks, you should focus on personalizing your emails for each user, creating more compelling content, and fostering greater user engagement with your emails. You can also segment your users in order to send relevant and personalized emails to the right target audience. Segmenting users based on previous purchases or preferences can help to increase the Total Email Clicks and lead to higher CTRs. Additionally, you should pay attention to user feedback and use it to improve future emails.

How can Total Email Clicks be improved?

It is also essential to track Total Email Clicks in relation to other ecommerce metrics such as Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CR). A high Total Email Clicks can indicate that users are engaging and interested in your emails – however, if it is not accompanied with a higher AOV or improved CR then it could indicate a weaker sales funnel. Therefore, it’s important to analyze the data in combination to gain a better understanding.

What is Total Email Clicks's relationship with other metrics?

Ultimately, Total Email Clicks is an important metric to measure the success of email campaigns. It helps to identify how users are engaging with your emails and can also be used to calculate other metrics such as Email Click Rate and CTOR. By tracking Total Email Clicks, optimizing email content, and segmenting users, you can improve Total Email Clicks and the overall success of your email campaigns.

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