Total Email Opens

Total Email Opens measures how many times emails sent out by an ecommerce business have been opened by recipients.

Total Email Opens is an email marketing metric that measures the total number of times recipients open emails sent out by an ecommerce business. It is an important measure of success of the marketing campaign and the overall health of the email list.


The formula for Total Email Opens is the sum of times an email is opened by its recipients, or "Sum of Email Opens."


For example, if an ecommerce business sends out 4 emails to their list of subscribers, and each of these emails gets opened 100 times, then the Total Email Opens for that campaign would be 400.

Why is Total Email Opens important?

Total Email Opens is an important metric for ecommerce businesses as it can be used to measure the overall success of their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, Total Email Opens can be a good indicator of the overall health of an email list as more opens likely means that more subscribers find the content interesting and worthwhile.

Which factors impact Total Email Opens?

In order to improve Total Email Opens, ecommerce businesses should focus on creating more interesting and relevant content for their subscribers, as well as on list building and segmentation strategies. Additionally, businesses should pay attention to optimization of email subject lines and pre-header text, as well as strategic placement of call-to-actions within emails.

How can Total Email Opens be improved?

There are several factors that can impact Total Email Opens, such as the quality of content, the relevance of content to subscribers, the timing of emails sent, and the optimization of subject lines. Additionally, email marketing platforms should be used to properly track opens and measure the success of campaigns.

What is Total Email Opens's relationship with other metrics?

Total Email Opens is generally used in conjunction with other relevant ecommerce metrics, such as Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate, and Bounce Rate. When used together, these metrics can provide an insight into the overall effectiveness of an email marketing campaign and allow businesses to make adjustments and optimize their campaigns.

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