Net revenue retention

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) measures the changes in recurring revenue over a given period for existing customers.

Net Revenue Retention is a crucial SaaS business metric that shows how well a business is retaining its existing customers, while also increasing the revenue from those same customers. It is a combination of revenue lost from customers who downgraded or churned and new revenue earned from upsells, cross-sells, and expansions.


Net Revenue Retention(%) = [(Starting MRR + Expansion MRR - Downgraded MRR - Churned MRR) / Starting MRR] * 100


Let's consider that an eCommerce company starts the month with $1000 as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). During this month, the company loses $100 because of downgrades, and $200 due to churns. But, it also gained $300 from upsells and expansions. Then, their Net Revenue Retention would be: [(1000+300-100-200)/1000] * 100 = 100%.

Why is NRR important?

Net Revenue Retention is a significant metric as it provides keen insights into a business's growth and health. A high positive NRR means customers are deriving more value from your products and are willing to pay more over time. A negative NRR could be a sign of trouble and suggest the need to revise the business model or value proposition.

Which factors impact NRR?

Numerous factors can impact Net Revenue Retention, including product quality, customer service quality, competitive market conditions, price adjustments, expansion opportunities, and customer success efforts.

How can NRR be improved?

    1. Upselling and Cross-selling: Existing satisfied customers are more likely to buy additional products.
    1. Reduce Churn: Churn reduction involves constantly delivering high-quality products, maintaining excellent customer service, and ensuring prompt issue resolution.
    1. Implement Customer Success: Customer success is proactive customer service. It involves understanding customer goals, and aligning your product or service to help achieve those goals.

What is NRR's relationship with other metrics?

    1. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): It's less expensive to retain and grow existing customers than acquiring new ones. Therefore, a high NRR can help lower your CAC over time.
    1. Lifetime Value (LTV): As NRR improves, more revenue gets generated from each customer, thereby enhancing the LTV.

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