New & Repeat customers Ratio

The New & Repeat Customers Ratio is an important CRM metric that helps understand how your eCommerce business is maintained by focusing on either attracting new customers or retaining existing ones.

The New & Repeat Customers Ratio is an important CRM metric that enables you to understand how your eCommerce business is maintained and the emphasis you place on either attracting new customers or retaining existing ones. You can measure the ratio with the simple formula of “new customers / repeat customers”. This metric is essential for determining the success of your campaigns and measuring customer retention and loyalty.


New & Repeat Customers Ratio = (Number of New Customers / Number of Repeat Customers)


Let's consider a three-month period (January to March) to calculate the "New & Repeat customers Ratio" for an ecommerce business.During this period:The number of new customers acquired was 500.The number of repeat customers (those who made more than one purchase) was 300.To calculate the "New & Repeat customers Ratio":New & Repeat customers Ratio = 500 / 300 = 1.67In this example, the "New & Repeat customers Ratio" is 1.67. This indicates that for every new customer acquired during the three-month period, there were 1.67 repeat customers. A ratio greater than 1 suggests a higher focus on customer retention and a healthy rate of repeat purchases.

Why is New & Repeat customers Ratio important?

The New & Repeat Customers Ratio is an invaluable tool in analyzing the performance and success of marketing initiatives and campaigns. It helps you to understand the health of your eCommerce business by measuring customer engagement and loyalty. If you have a high ratio of new customers compared to repeat customers, it can indicate that there are issues in retaining those customers. It can also tell you whether you are doing enough to attract new customers by helping to understand the ratio of return vs new customers in terms of overall website traffic or sales.

Which factors impact New & Repeat customers Ratio?

A few main factors have a direct impact on the new & repeat customers ratio. Firstly, your acquisition strategy and campaigns will determine customer acquisition and it is important to measure the success of your efforts. Secondly, customer service significantly influences customer loyalty and will affect the ratio of new customers to existing ones. In addition, the availability of discounts and promotions can help to improve customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.

How can New & Repeat customers Ratio be improved?

One of the most effective ways to improve this metric is by providing excellent customer service and a seamless post-sales experience. First time customers are more likely to interact with your business again if they’ve enjoyed the experience they had with your store. Making sure that your customers are satisfied with timely responses to queries, fast delivery of items and an easy returns process are all essential elements to aiming for customer loyalty. Additionally, it is worth focusing also on initiatives to attract more new customers such as discounts, referral programs and creating engaging content will help increase your visibility and also bring in more customers.

What is New & Repeat customers Ratio's relationship with other metrics?

The new and repeat customers ratio has an indirect correlation with other key eCommerce metrics such as revenue and the customer lifetime value. Existing customers have a longer lifetime value and are often more engaged with your store, making them more likely to generate more revenue. This means that as your repeat customers increase, you have the potential to earn more revenue and boost customer lifetime value. Similarly, focusing on gaining new customers helps to expand your user base and generate more sales.

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