Net revenue

Net Revenue refers to a company's total sales earnings after deductions of discounts, returns, and allowances.

Net Revenue, often synonymous with net sales, is an essential financial metric that offers a clear view of a company's financial health. This metric focuses exclusively on the money being brought into the business from sales, after accounting for returns, discounts, and allowances. Unlike gross revenue, which accounts for total earnings without any deductions, Net Revenue presents a realistic reflection of the money available to fund operations, reinvest in the business, or return to shareholders.


Net Revenue = Gross Revenue - (Discounts + Returns + Allowances + Sales Taxes)


  • If an eCommerce business generates $1 million as gross revenue, but it offers $50,000 in discounts, incurs $20,000 in returned items and provide $10,000 as allowances, it's Net Revenue would be:
  • $1 million - ($50,000 + $20,000 + $10,000)
  • = $1 million - ($80,000)
  • = $920,000

Why is Net revenue important?

Net Revenue provides valuable insights into your business profitability. It helps gauge the efficiency of sales strategies, measure operational success, and presents a transparent picture for potential investors. It’s vital for budgeting and forecasting as it directly impacts a company's liquidity, solvency, and overall financial health.

Which factors impact Net revenue?

Net revenue can be influenced by several factors such as pricing strategies, product quality, customer satisfaction, market competition, and economic conditions. Seasonal trends and shifts in consumer behaviors can also affect net revenue.

How can Net revenue be improved?

Improving your net revenue primarily involves increasing sales and reducing costs related to discounts, allowances, and returns. This could be done through strategies like improving product quality, offering competitive pricing, optimizing operational efficiency, and enhancing customer service to reduce returns and complaints.

What is Net revenue's relationship with other metrics?

Net Revenue is closely related to several other key eCommerce metrics. For instance, it directly affects gross margin and net profit. A decrease in net revenue will shrink the profit margin. Also, metrics like Conversion Rate and Average Order Value (AOV) can impact net revenue. More conversions or higher AOV lead to increased net revenue.

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