Deferred Deep Linking

Deferred Deep Linking is a method that directs a new user to a specific location within an application after installation.

In the world of mobile applications, deep linking is a powerful tool that offers a smoother and more effective user experience. Deep linking, in general, refers to a method that routes users directly to a precise location within an app, rather than simply opening the app to its homepage. However, when a user does not have the application installed, this could lead to a dead end.

Under such circumstances, Deferred Deep Linking proves its worthiness. It operates like a standard deep link but sunders to the probable adversity when a user does not have the app installed. Instead of leading a user to a dead end, Deferred Deep Linking employs an elegant detour. It nudges the user toward installing the app from an app store. After the app is installed and launched for the first time, the user is then led to the specific location within the app, as initially intended by the deep link.


Understanding how Deferred Deep Linking operates is essential. For instance, a user might click an advertisement for a specific product within a shopping app. This click activates a standard deep link to the product's page within the app. However, if the app is not installed, the deep link becoming a deferred deep link, directs the user to download the app. After download, the app opens directly to the specific product page originally linked in the advertisement.

Why is Deferred Deep Linking important?

Deferred Deep Linking exemplifies a delightful user experience while operating as an exceptional marketing tool for apps. It's this nimbleness that enhances the user engagement from the moment of installation. Furthermore, it induces a higher retention rate and chance of conversion, as users are directed referentially toward the content that initially enticed them to download the app.

Which factors impact Deferred Deep Linking?

Improving Deferred Deep Linking operations relies on tested tracking solutions capable of accurately connecting pre-install user clicks with post-install activities. These solutions can run campaigns more effectively by providing insightful analytics and rich sources of collected data.

How can Deferred Deep Linking be improved?

Yet, the success of Deferred Deep Linking isn't guaranteed. Its impact can be influenced by aspects such as the quality of the app, competition within the app market, or user reception to the app's download prompt. Furthermore, the data organization capabilities/devices compatibility also plays a vital role.

What is Deferred Deep Linking's relationship with other metrics?

Deferred Deep Linking also cross-connects with other ecommerce metrics such as the conversion rate, user retention rate, lifetime value, and return on ad spending. Therefore, optimally implementing this function can elevate overall performance and sales.

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