Daily Active Users

Daily Active Users (DAU) is a vital metric for e-commerce and digital products, representing unique individuals engaging with a platform within a day.

Daily Active Users (DAU) is a crucial performance indicator in the realm of ecommerce and digital products. This metric provides an understanding of the count of distinct individuals who engage with a platform (like a website, app, or game) within a 24-hour period. The term 'active' simply denotes that these individuals are not just opening the app or site, but performing an action therein, such as browsing products, making a purchase, or clicking on an ad, therefore denoting engagement.


DAU is calculated by counting unique users participating in the outlined 'active' actions within one day. To measure DAU over a month, for instance, this count is performed daily and then averaged across the month.


If an ecommerce website has 10,000 visits in a day, but only 3000 of those visitors actively engage with the site (by making a purchase, adding a product to their cart, writing a review, etc.), the DAU for that day is 3000.

Why is DAU important?

DAU is a key metric to understand user engagement, giving insights into the stickiness of a digital product. A high DAU infers an active, engaged user base, potentially leading to increased customer lifetime value and higher profits. It can also signal successful user acquisition strategies and possibly, good user retention. By monitoring DAU trends, businesses can investigate changes in user behavior to adapt and refine their strategies.

Which factors impact DAU?

To improve DAU, ecommerce businesses can adopt various tactics such as user-targeted marketing campaigns, improving user interface (UI), delivering personalized experiences, or offering regular discounts and promotions. Engaging content and features that encourage user interaction can also enhance DAU.

How can DAU be improved?

Numerous factors can influence DAU, including product quality, UI/UX, price competitiveness, customer service quality, marketing efforts, and overall market trends. Factors such as seasonality or the launch of new features or promotions can also significantly impact DAU.

What is DAU's relationship with other metrics?

DAU closely relates to other ecommerce metrics such as Monthly Active Users (MAU). The DAU/MAU ratio, also known as 'stickiness,' indicates the daily engagement level of monthly users. A higher ratio means users are returning and engaging with your platform more frequently within a month.

Moreover, DAU interacts with metrics such as user acquisition cost (UAC) and average revenue per user (ARPU) that collectively provide a more comprehensive view of the business's economic feasibility. For example, a high DAU with a low UAC signifies effective acquisition strategies, while a high ARPU alongside high DAU indicates strong revenue generation.

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