Deep Linking

Deep linking is a practice in ecommerce that directs users to a specific web page beyond the homepage via hyperlinks.

To delve deeper, deep linking is a technique that allows the creation of hyperlinks pointing to a particular page or image on the website, or a certain location within a mobile app. These links bypass the website's or the app's homepage, leading the users directly to the desired page. This is akin to entering a brick-and-mortar store and being led immediately to the exact item you are interested in, bypassing aisles of irrelevant products.


Typical deep link URLs do contain unique identifiers or parameters that denote the specific location within the website or app.

Why is Deep Linking important?

  • Enhancing User Experience: It simplifies the prospect's journey by eliminating unnecessary steps, thereby improving their shopping experience and increasing conversion likelihood.
  • SEO Boost: Deep links provide a comprehensive map for search engines, helping them index the site better, further improving visibility.
  • Pointed Marketing: Deep linking allows targeted marketing by guiding users directly to specific promotional or product pages.

Which factors impact Deep Linking?

  • Strategic Planning: Identify pages that provide high value like product pages or promotional offers for deep linking.
  • Optimize for SEO: Adequately optimize the pages with relevant keywords to achieve better visibility in search results.
  • Measure Performance: Graffiti the links with parameters for tracking their performance for further optimization.

How can Deep Linking be improved?

  • Navigational Complexity: If the website isn't intuitively mapped, deep linking might lead to confusion.
  • Misalignment with User Intent: If the deep link does not match the user’s intent, it might lead to high bounce rates.

What is Deep Linking's relationship with other metrics?

Deep-linking directly influences metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates, and user engagement. For instance, a well-strategized deep link could lead to higher conversions by providing a streamlined shopping experience. Conversely, a misaligned deep link could contribute to high bounce rates.

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