Daily Engagement Rate

Daily engagement rate tracks how often a brand's followers interact with its posts, calculated by dividing total likes, shares, and comments by the follower count.

The daily engagement rate is a measurement of how many times a brand's followers interact with its daily posts. This metric is calculated by adding all likes, shares, and comments made on the brand's daily posts and dividing it by the number of followers. The goal of measuring the daily engagement rate is to assess whether the content you post is relevant and engaging to your followers.


Daily engagement rate = Total comments in a day + Total likes in a day + Total shares in a day) / Total Reach in a day


  • If a brand had a total of 5 likes, 3 comments, and 3 shares on its posts that day, and a total of 10,000 followers, then the daily engagement rate is calculated as follows:
  • (5+3+3) / 10,000 = 0.11%

Why is Daily Engagement Rate important?

The daily engagement rate is an important metric for brands to measure because it helps to assess whether the content they post is resonating with their followers. By measuring this metric, brands can gain insight into what kind of content is engaging to their followers, and can then adjust their approach to content accordingly to better engage their followers.

Which factors impact Daily Engagement Rate?

There are several steps that brands can take to improve their daily engagement rate, such as creating more interactive content, using visual content, and utilizing timely content. Brands should also drive engagement by encouraging followers to like, share, and comment on their posts. Additionally, brands should post content that is relevant to their followers in order to better engage them.

How can Daily Engagement Rate be improved?

There are several factors that impact a brand's daily engagement rate, such as the content that is posted, the type of content that is posted, the frequency of posting, the timing of posts, and the size of a brand's followers. Additionally, external factors such as news events and trending topics can also influence engagement rates.

What is Daily Engagement Rate's relationship with other metrics?

The daily engagement rate is closely related to other ecommerce metrics such as the conversion rate, average order value, and total revenue. Higher engagement rates indicate that more people are interacting with your content, which can lead to increased traffic, higher conversion rates, higher average order values, and higher overall revenue. Conversely, lower engagement rates can lead to decreased traffic, lower conversion rates, lower average order values, and lower overall revenue.

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