Navigating the Privacy-First Era: A Manifesto for the Modern Marketer

Published On: 03 Aug 2023


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Discover Lifesight's platform designed for modern marketers in the privacy-first era. Unify data, orchestrate campaigns, and measure impact seamlessly.

Marketing is a world of constant change & thrives on flux, often allowing fractured information to hinder your capacity to drive campaigns at your utmost. With each decision you make, a whisper of self-doubt accompanies, prompting a question: Is this the correct choice?

Welcome to the privacy-first era. An era that necessitates a paradigm shift in how we approach marketing. Today, first-party data has become the lifeline for all customer acquisition and retention strategies. It brings forth an inevitable evolution of the marketing industry, predominantly addressing the lack of privacy (and its repercussions thereof).

We have witnessed this change first hand: across the challenges faced by customers and the diminishing performance of marketing initiatives. Policy usually catches up with technology until now when the customer has clamored for a privacy conscious market. With the tables turned, there is a ripe opportunity to regroup & re-align our strategies for future marketing excellence. With privacy regulations tightening and third-party cookies being phased out, the marketing methods we have become accustomed to over the past decade or so, are rapidly becoming obsolete.

If you have managed or run any marketing activity in the past, some of these thoughts may resonate with you:

  • My data is sitting in silos across multiple apps. I don't own any of it.
  • I can't take advanced actions using a unified data set.
  • It's incredibly difficult to orchestrate automated omni-channel campaigns.
  • My CAC is very high. I am losing money on first purchases.
  • Am I maximizing the returns on my ad spend?
  • Are device/browser limitations affecting my match rates?
  • How can I scale without unnecessary burning through my budget?

Sound familiar?

A lot of us need help unifying siloed data, orchestrating automated omni-channel campaigns, optimizing customer acquisition costs, maximizing the returns on our ad spend, and scaling up without straining our budgets.

Our experience, gathered while building Lifesight, one of the leading marketing measurements platform in the world, and working with hundreds of global brands like GroupM, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Accenture, and many others, has allowed us to study and solve this systemic gap. This experience also positions Lifesight as your best-suited guide through the shifting tides, helping you navigate challenges and unlock opportunities, while maintaining the values of privacy-first marketing. We see a massive opportunity to harness the power of first-party data, reach more customers, build deeply meaningful customer relationships, future-proof measurements and drive growth while respecting customer privacy.

We have carefully re-engineered every aspect of the Lifesight platform in response to these evolving needs. It's designed to address all the challenges you have faced and to unlock new opportunities.

Our platform is now made up of three core pillars - Connect, Engage, and Measure. These pillars of the product are designed to enable a multitude of growth use cases without the need for technical resources.


Connect is more than just a data integration tool, it's a Marketers CDP; it is a purpose-built customer data platform that is the gateway to owning your data, overcoming privacy limitations, and understanding your customers at the most granular level. With the ability to unify data in real-time from touchpoints across the journey, it enables you to improve match rates, recover lost revenue and optimize your spend. Powered by a first-party identity graph, it turns this data into insights that can inform every business decision, ensuring you maximize your data's utility while maintaining the highest privacy standards.



Engage allows you to operationalize these insights, by orchestrating personalized campaigns across multiple owned and paid channels. In the privacy-first era, having a solid customer retention strategy and execution built on automation is key. With Engage, you can deliver tailored 1:1 messaging that drives retention and superior customer experiences for any digital-first business. Coupled with our real-time customer data platform, Engage brings advanced segmentation, CRO, AI-powered messaging, powerful automations and much more, to ensure you reach and engage your customers wherever they are at the right time.



Measure ensures that you have the superpower of being able to make every investment decision with confidence. Powered by the latest machine learning algorithms, Measure is a first-of-its-kind measurements suite that offers multi-touch attribution, marketing mix modeling, and incrementality testing in a single app, for you to optimize media spend and scale your acquisition. It helps accurately gauge the incremental impact of your marketing efforts, allocate your budgets with precision, scale your campaigns without overspending, and validate your ROI. All of this, without the need for data scientists, engineers, or analysts. Change your perspective of marketing spend with automated and continuous marketing measurements.


We believe that the values of transparency, honesty, and respect for privacy will differentiate the leaders in the modern marketing landscape. Our promise to you is that we will always uphold these values and work tirelessly to keep up with the changes, so you don't have to. Our pricing will be transparent and fair so you can focus on driving sustainable growth for your business

Finally, to support this new vision, we have committed more resources and investment to building the best possible customer support and solutions team, ensuring we can help you navigate this era, promptly and seamlessly.

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We invite you to navigate this privacy-first era with us. Together, let's leverage first-party data to build meaningful connections with customers, drive growth, and usher in a new age of privacy-conscious, data-driven marketing. We look forward to having you join us on this exciting journey.

Thank you,
Tobin Thomas
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

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