Notifications are an essential part of managing any online business. Your customers should always know when their orders are ready to ship and any other important updates. Shopify comes with its own built-in notifications system, but there are a lot of third-party apps that offer more robust notification options. If you're looking for the best notifications apps for Shopify, this article gives you a quick overview of the top options out there. Find out which notification service best suits your business and make sure your customers always stay up to date.

AfterShip Returns

Return Label, Store Credit, Exchange, Return Policy, Refunds




The AfterShip Returns app for Shopify enables merchants to deliver a seamless returns experience for their customers by improving customer satisfaction, saving time, and recapturing lost revenue. It is a fully automated returns solution that can be configured with automation rules, and carrier and warehouse settings to enable an efficient return process from start to finish. The app is easy to set up and manage, providing control to merchants over all aspects of their returns process.

Back in Stock: Restock Alerts

Send push notifications when items are back in stock




Back in Stock - Restock Alerts is an app for Shopify stores working to increase sales and decrease cart abandonment. With Back in Stock, customers can sign up for restock alerts when a product they are interested in is back in stock. The app sends push notifications, emails, and SMS messages to notify customers quickly. Setting up and running Back in Stock is simple and features Multi-language and location support, customization options, and reminders for previously out-of-stock products. It also offers Email marketing integrations to personalize communication with customers and monitor conversions, most-wanted out-of-stock items, and recent notifications. Back in Stock – Restock Alerts is available for free, but additional charges may apply for extra features and plans.

Coming Soon Product‑ Notify me

Boost pre-sale with Coming Soon, Back in Stock & Notify Me App




Coming Soon Product‑ Notify me is an app for Shopify developed by Notify me to help store owners promote and create anticipation for their upcoming products. The app allows store admins to create “coming soon” labels for each product or collection and add a “notify me” button to any page. When customers express interest in unreleased products, store admins can capture customers’ emails and automatically notify them when the products are released. Notify me also provides customizable emails, integration with several email servers, set release dates per product and collection, and a countdown timer.

EZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration

Send customer and order notifications to Slack. Made easy.




The EZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration app for Shopify lets you quickly and easily integrate your Shopify store with your Slack workspace. With it, you can send notifications to different channels in Slack based on customer and order events. When a customer signs up or an order is placed, you can receive notifications right away so that you are always up-to-date on what’s going on.You can customize the notifications by selecting the event data fields that you wish to include, and use slash commands to search orders, customers, and product directly in Slack. Plus, you can create “Event Rules” to filter notifications based on the event data. This way, you can create detailed notifications with custom messages and “@” mention team members to further enhance your workflow.The EZ Notify ‑ Slack Integration app has 2 pricing plans, so that you can find the one that best meets your needs. There is also a free 7-day trial for all plans.

Libautech: Announcement Bar

Boost Sales with Customizable Announcement & Free Shipping Bar




Libautech: Announcement Bar is an effective and innovative way to grab the attention of customers and ultimately drive up sales. As a Shopify owner, Leveraging the Libautech: Announcement Bar app will give you the advantage of creating effective and stylish top bar notifications that are tailored to your store’s needs. These notification bars will draw attention from visitors and generate more sales. Libautech: Announcement Bar offers a variety of features such as free shipping bar, top notification bar, announcement bar and subscription bar. With the Libautech: Announcement Bar app, you can easily track the performance of each notification bar so you know which ones are working best.

Shopicial ‑ Community Forum

Build a social network with your brand, allow Paid Memberships




Shopicial ‑ Community Forum is a powerful and versatile app for Shopify stores and websites. It enables store owners to build a successful and profitable online community around their products or services. With Shopicial ‑ Community Forum, customers can share opinions, participate in discussions, and build a meaningful bond with the brand. Customers can also access various online resources such as newsletters and videos, refine their search filters and keep track of activity in their account. Furthermore, Shopicial ‑ Community Forum is packed with other features that make it a must-have for any online store or website.

WhatsApp Chat Notifications

Share Order Confirmation, Tracking & Cart Recovery notifications using your own number!




The WhatsApp Chat Notifications App for Shopify makes it easy for businesses to stay in contact with their customers using the popular Whatsapp platform. It offers several features, such as a live chat button, automated order confirmation, tracking updates on WhatsApp using a custom number, and automated abandoned cart recovery notifications. Furthermore, the app is easy to set up and use, with no additional charges for sending messages. It also offers a 50-day free trial, so businesses can get started immediately.