Are you looking for the best Image Watermark Apps for Shopify? Watermarking your images is an effective way to protect your online store from infringement or unauthorized use. Fortunately for Shopify users, there are a wide range of watermark apps designed to help protect your digital products. In this article, we'll cover the top Image Watermark Apps for Shopify that can help make sure that your pictures are secured. We'll explore the features and pricing of each app and discuss which options are best depending on the needs of your store. So read on to find the best Image Watermark App for Shopify that will help you protect your digital products today.

Easy Watermarks

Add stickers, logos and texts to your product photos




If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to add watermarks and logos to your product photos, look no further than Easy Watermarks. This app is designed to make watermarking a breeze, and you can easily add your logo in either PNG or JPG format plus choose from its collection of stickers and badges. It even has features like image resizing, background fills and borders, and supports automatic placement of stickers for your on-sale, new arrivals, and out-of-stock items. And best of all, this app offers a free plan so you can get started without worrying about costs.

Super Watermarks: Valentine

Boost Summer day for store with labels, stickers, tags, badges




Super Watermarks: Valentine is an app that makes it easy for shopify stores to boost their sales on Valentine’s Day. This app allows stores to add product badges, labels, stickers, tags, and box frames to their product images with just one click. It also features a fast and simple manipulation process and offers detailed and easy-to-follow instructions for users. The app is available for free, and its pricing plans include Basic and Pro options that cost $6.99/month and $14.99/month respectively.

Swap Photo Editor

Edit photos, banners, and remove backgrounds, logos & more




Swap Photo Editor is an app developed to revolutionize the way Shopify merchants manage their photos. With this app, they are able to remove backgrounds, add backgrounds, add logos, add texts, add stickers, resize photos, crop photos, compress images, rename images and replace low-resolution images in a few clicks. It helps any merchant to get their photos in shape.The app includes three different photo editors- Adobe, Photopea and the Swap editor. With Adobe and Photopea the users can not only access their images easily but can also complete more complex tasks like removing and adding logos, texts and backgrounds. Furthermore, users can select multiple photos and edit them all in one click. Also, the app helps the users find higher quality versions of any photo in their shop and search any URL for photos. The search function helps in identifying duplicate images in multiple folders or locations. This makes it easier for the users to identify which photos need to be removed or upgraded.