Revolutionize photo management with Swap Photo Editor. Remove backgrounds, add logos, resize, and more. Edit multiple photos with ease. Find higher-quality images and identify duplicates effortlessly.

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Swap Photo Editor

Swap Photo Editor

Edit photos, banners, and remove backgrounds, logos & more


Swap Photo Editor is an app developed to revolutionize the way Shopify merchants manage their photos. With this app, they are able to remove backgrounds, add backgrounds, add logos, add texts, add stickers, resize photos, crop photos, compress images, rename images and replace low-resolution images in a few clicks. It helps any merchant to get their photos in shape.The app includes three different photo editors- Adobe, Photopea and the Swap editor. With Adobe and Photopea the users can not only access their images easily but can also complete more complex tasks like removing and adding logos, texts and backgrounds. Furthermore, users can select multiple photos and edit them all in one click. Also, the app helps the users find higher quality versions of any photo in their shop and search any URL for photos. The search function helps in identifying duplicate images in multiple folders or locations. This makes it easier for the users to identify which photos need to be removed or upgraded.


  • Add and remove backgrounds: Swap Photo Editor allows users to add and remove backgrounds from their photos.
  • Add and remove logos: Logo creation is one of the key features of Swap. You can customise and add logos to your photos.
  • Add and remove texts: Swap also allows users to add and remove text from their photos.
  • Add and remove stickers: Users can add stickers and other graphics to enhance their photos.
  • Resize and crop photos: Swap lets the users resize and crop their images as per the desired requirements.
  • Compress images: It also helps them in compressing images without compromising the quality.
  • Rename images: With Swap, users can conveniently rename their images.
  • Find and replace low-resolution photos: The app helps in finding and replacing low-resolution photos with higher quality versions.
  • Three different photo editors: The app includes three different phot editors- Adobe, Photopea, and the Swap Photo Editor.
  • Multiple photos editing: Users can select multiple photos and easily edit them all in one click.


The app also comes with a 3-day free trial for users who want to try out its features. Moreover, it includes two different membership plans: monthly membership and annual membership. The monthly membership plan is offered at $6.99 per month and the annual membership plan is offered at $69 per year.