Are you looking for the best Gift Card apps for Shopify? Finding the right one for you can be a challenging task. This article is here to help. We have collected the top Gift Card apps for Shopify and put them through extensive research and rigorous testing. From Gift Up to Swell, you can find the perfect solution to provide customers with gift cards to your Shopify store. We have even included valuable insights on pricing, features and more. All you have to do is find which one is best for your needs. Read on to learn which one is the ideal fit for you.

Fondue CashBack Promotions

Reduce Discounts. Convert More. Increase Revenue.




The Fondue CashBack Promotions app is a powerful and innovative solution designed to help shop owners earn more revenue, profit and keep loyal shoppers coming back. It replaces the traditional pre-purchase incentives (such as coupon codes) with CashBack eligibility throughout the entire purchase journey for more customizable rewards. Shop owners can also segment customers using unique URL-based CashBack promos, which can be tested using A/B testing tools. Finally, this app provides an opportunity to manually create or suspend CashBacks to meet individual shopper needs. All of these features make Fondue CashBack Promotions an attractive option for shop owners seeking greater customer loyalty and retention.

Gift Card Hero • Ultimate tool

50%OFF. Gift cards schedule, physical, reload, reminders, POS




Gift Card Hero is an essential tool designed to simplify the gift-card experience for store owners who use Shopify. It makes the process of purchasing and sending gift cards easier and more efficient, with features such as card schedules and reminders for unused balances. With a one-click setup and free design customizations, Gift Card Hero is the perfect way to increase seasonal sales, build customer relationships, and acquire new customers.

Gift Card Pro

Send Gift Cards By Email | Add A Message, Pick A Delivery Date




Gift Card Pro is the perfect app for Shopify merchants who want to make it easier for customers to purchase and send Gift Card directly to recipients. With Gift Card Pro, customers can choose from multiple Gift Card designs, add a pre-set or custom monetary value, include a written gift message, record a video message, and select a specific date and time that they would like the Gift Card to be delivered. Being totally automated for merchants, customers can enjoy auto-fulfilled orders upon delivery.

Gift Cards Suite, Gift Message

Sell digital gift card, rewards store credit, increase loyalty




Gift Cards Suite, Gift Message by Govalos is a powerful app for Shopify stores to make sending and receiving gifts easier and more enjoyable. This app makes gift cards much easier to use and customize, allowing users to personalize their gift cards with beautiful designs and their own custom messages. The app also features the ability to check a gift card’s balance and expiration date, as well as schedule cards for delivery on a specific date and time. Govalos even offers a free plan and a 7-day trial so that stores have plenty of time to test out the app and make sure it meets their needs before purchasing.

GiftKart: Gift Cards & Rewards

Increase Retention & AOV using Gift Cards, Cashback & Rewards




GiftKart's Gift Cards & Rewards app helps businesses to acquire new customers and increase retention rates with personalized, bulk gift card campaigns and rewards programs. GiftKart also offers complete design flexibility, multi-language support, and best-in-class customer service. GiftKart allows businesses to increase their average order value by offering timely rewards on high-value orders and managing their working capital by issuing store credits for returns. Thanks to GiftKart, companies can easily attract new customers with personalized and branded digital gift card experiences. The app provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for Shopify merchants that want to create sophisticated gift card campaigns and reward programs.

Video Greet ‑ QR Gift Messages

Allow customers to send a video message with their gift order.




In today's world, gift-giving carries a lot of weight, and being able to share meaningful moments during those transactions can be important. That's why Video Greet – QR Gift Messages is such a great tool for Shopify stores. It's an app that helps you easily add video, audio, or written messages to orders placed in your store. It allows customers to give gifts with added emotional significance and maintain your store’s brand. The Video Greet – QR Gift Messages app seamlessly integrates into your Shopify store with no code required. You can customize it with just a few clicks, allowing you to adjust the button to match your store design and language. When you install the app, you get a 14-day free trial. You have the flexibility to choose from four different plans, depending on your business needs and budget. You will then have access to world-class customer support, ensuring that you and your customers have the best experience possible.