Maximize revenue and customer loyalty with Fondue CashBack Promotions for Shopify. Offer customizable CashBack rewards and optimize with A/B testing.

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Fondue CashBack Promotions

Fondue CashBack Promotions

Reduce Discounts. Convert More. Increase Revenue.


The Fondue CashBack Promotions app is a powerful and innovative solution designed to help shop owners earn more revenue, profit and keep loyal shoppers coming back. It replaces the traditional pre-purchase incentives (such as coupon codes) with CashBack eligibility throughout the entire purchase journey for more customizable rewards. Shop owners can also segment customers using unique URL-based CashBack promos, which can be tested using A/B testing tools. Finally, this app provides an opportunity to manually create or suspend CashBacks to meet individual shopper needs. All of these features make Fondue CashBack Promotions an attractive option for shop owners seeking greater customer loyalty and retention.


  • Works Anywhere You Coupon: Fondue CashBack Promotions can be used in ads, onsite popups, emails, SMS and influencers.
  • Offer Bonus Value to Encourage Shoppers to Choose Gift Card Redemption: Customers can get bonus values on their gift cards, allowing them to get more out of their purchases.
  • Create Sitewide or URL-Based Promos: Promos can be created that apply to the entire website, or they can be based on specific URLs.
  • Segment Customers with URL-Based CashBacks: Shop owners can segment customers using unique URL-based CashBacks so that they can be more easily tested using A/B testing tools.
  • Create or Suspend CashBacks Manually: Shop owners can create or suspend CashBacks manually to meet individual shopper needs.
  • Offer Customers Cashback in Real Time: This app allows customers to receive cashback eligibility from the start of the purchase journey, so that they can redeem their rewards as soon as the transaction is complete.
  • Reward Loyal Shoppers: Customers who keep coming back to the same store for their purchases can be rewarded with bonus values on their gift cards.
  • Give Discounts to In-Need Shoppers: With this app, shop owners can give discounts to those shoppers who need them in order to convert, allowing the store to obtain more customers.
  • Recapture Revenue When Discounts Are Not Used: Shop owners can recapture revenue when shoppers who do not need the discount do not redeem it.
  • Monitor & Track Campaigns: This app allows shop owners to monitor and track campaigns so that they can get a better understanding of how their promotions are performing.


The Fondue CashBack Promotions app costs $65/month with an annual payment option available. There is also a 30-day free trial for shop owners to test out the app before making a commitment. For those who sign up early, there is an Early Adopter option at $65/month.