Are you a Shopify store owner struggling to find the best Crowd Funding apps for your business? Look no further! This article has got you covered. From apps for setting up a project to backer tracking and analytics deep dives, this list has all the top-rated Crowd Funding apps for Shopify. Each of these apps can help improve the success rate and outcome of your fundraising campaigns while keeping the overhead costs and fees to the minimum. Read on to find out more about the best Crowd Funding apps for Shopify and what they have to offer.


Turn any product page into a crowdfunding campaign.




Crowdfunder by Animus Labs is an awesome app for Shopify store owners who wish to use crowdfunding to launch new products, raise money for charities, or offer limited special edition products. It helps store owners create, manage and launch crowdfunding campaigns quickly and conveniently. It is available for free for a 7 days trial and customers can then upgrade to the Full plan for $24 per month.

Crowdfunding Manager

№1 Crowdfunding App for Your Store




The Crowdfunding Manager app for Shopify is a powerful tool for transforming your store into a powerful crowdfunding platform. Whether it's setting up donation goals, creating crowdfunding campaigns, or displaying statistics on progress, the app maximizes the potential of your ecommerce store.The app provides several features to make running your fundraising campaigns easier and more efficient, including several backing options to give more opportunities to support your campaign, customizable design of the crowdfunding widget and donation progress bar, email notifications to keep customers informed of the crowdfunding campaign's status, full statistics about each campaign, and a simple interface with easy setup, requiring no HTML or CSS. The app is available for a price of $19.95/month and includes a 14-day free trial.

Sales CountUp

Add automated counters to show impact and earn social proof




Sales CountUp is an innovative app by Shopify which allows store owners to showcase their impact through automated counters. With this app, they are able to represent their brand, and select visually appealing counters to showcase the outcome of their products, such as total sales, progress, donations, and eco-friendly impact. It is an excellent opportunity for store owners to actively engage their customers by giving them a greater insight into their work and thus building trust. The app is easy to use, with an intuitive interface making it flexible for different uses. Users can target their counters to particular products, dates, or edit icons and content within their storefront. With Sales CountUp, store owners can easily demonstrate their donation amounts and show their impact on the environment by promoting eco-friendly products and/or organizing crowdfunding campaigns.