Showcase your impact with automated counters using Sales CountUp. Engage customers and build trust.

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Sales CountUp

Sales CountUp

Add automated counters to show impact and earn social proof


Sales CountUp is an innovative app by Shopify which allows store owners to showcase their impact through automated counters. With this app, they are able to represent their brand, and select visually appealing counters to showcase the outcome of their products, such as total sales, progress, donations, and eco-friendly impact. It is an excellent opportunity for store owners to actively engage their customers by giving them a greater insight into their work and thus building trust. The app is easy to use, with an intuitive interface making it flexible for different uses. Users can target their counters to particular products, dates, or edit icons and content within their storefront. With Sales CountUp, store owners can easily demonstrate their donation amounts and show their impact on the environment by promoting eco-friendly products and/or organizing crowdfunding campaigns.


  • Count Sales Value: Sales CountUp offers store owners the capability to count the sales value of their products, making it easy to monitor their overall performance.
  • Sold Items: With this app, store owners are able to identify their best-selling items and promote them accordingly, which can result in higher sales.
  • Orders and Customers Number: Sales CountUp allows store owners to track their orders and customers numbers, making it easier to monitor their business’s progress without having to manually tabulate data.
  • Transform Counters: This powerful app helps store owners to transform their counters daily, giving customers a complete understanding of their sales and progress.
  • Target Counters: Store owners are able to target their counters to products, dates, and other related platforms to customize their messages based on their customers’ needs.
  • Customized Counters Design: Sales CountUp provides store owners with the option to customize their counters design, allowing them to select icons and content which best suits their customer base.
  • Put Counters Anywhere: Store owners are able to put the counters to any page they want within their storefront, making their product promotion efforts more efficient.
  • Count Omnichannel Sales: This app also provides store owners with the ability to count their omnichannel sales for a better understanding of their product performance and progress.
  • Accessible Analytics: Sales CountUp also offers store owners insight into their performance, providing them with analytics which can help inform their future strategies and plans.
  • Excellent Customer Support: If there are any issues with the app, the excellent customer support provided by Sales CountUp ensures that store owners get the best experience possible.


Sales CountUp offers store owners a range of pricing options to suit their needs and budget. The basic plan is free, with the Unlimited plan being offered for $4.95 per month. With both of these plans, store owners can access all of the above key features and enjoy an improved experience while boosting their sales and conversions. Whether you need analytics or are looking to promote eco-friendly products, this powerful app has you covered.