Having an Auto Post app for your Shopify store is essential for anyone who wants to keep their customers up to date without spending too much time manually posting their updates. This article will help you decide on the best Auto Post app for Shopify by listing several of the most recommended apps. These apps can help you save time and resources by automatically posting updates to keep your customers informed. This article will provide a detailed overview of the features, pros, and cons of each app, so you can make an informed decision. No matter the size of your store, these apps can help you boost engagement, as well as make sure your customers have the latest product information. By having an auto post app you can also quickly and easily post updates on multiple social media platforms. The perfect app will depend on the size and type of store you own, but this article will help you narrow down the best Auto Post apps for Shopify.

Auto Post Facebook, Twitter

Auto post your products to social media: Facebook and Twitter.




Auto Post Facebook, Twitter app is a powerful tool to drive strong social proof on Facebook and Twitter with automated content publishing tools. It allows you to choose the templates, products, customize the templates and schedule the posts at the best times. It also increases brand awareness with the logo printed on product images, and helps to convert customers with auto-generated codes. Additionally, it also provides detailed insights and statistics for further improvement.

Facebook & Instagram Auto Post

Automate your posts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!




Post Studio Auto Post is an intelligent, easy-to-use social media auto-poster developed specifically to help Shopify store owners manage their entire social media strategy without having to manually post each time. With the click of a few buttons, Post Studio will generate posts based on your product inventory and post to all your connected Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts with lightning-fast speed. Simply install the app, determine the post frequency, customize the post content and let Post Studio take care of the rest. Post Studio is an immensely powerful tool that can streamline your social media efforts and reduce the amount of manual work you undertake when promoting your products online.

Instagram & Facebook marketing

Autopost your products with AI driven flow to all social media




The Onollo app is the perfect solution for shopify stores who want to leverage the potential of social media marketing. This app enables stores to publish their products, videos, photos, and other content across all the major social media networks. With its advanced automation feature and smart scheduling, it can help online stores to post content at the optimal time on social networks and increase their brand presence. Onollo's content cloud feature allows store owners to store and share content across all their social media pages.

Minta Automated Social Videos

Automated Videos & Images Created & Posted For You!




Minta Automated Social Videos is an amazing Shopify app for shop owners who want to automate the entire process of creating and distributing social content. The app makes it easy for shop owners to schedule and plan their social post up to 2 months in advance, get unlimited creatives for their products and share the most likely converting creatives to their TikTok and Facebook ad accounts. With Minta Automated Social Videos, shop owners can easily increase their revenues and save a great deal of time and effort while managing their Shopify store.

Twitter Auto Posting

Auto post about new products on Twitter




Twitter Auto Posting is an app designed to provide Shopify store owners with an automated way to post product updates to their Twitter accounts every day. Products can be scheduled to appear on Twitter at any time desired, and each post will feature a different message to provide a more authentic look for the account. Store owners can also opt to exclude certain products from the newsfeed, and can add as many message templates as desired. With the help of Twitter Auto Posting, Shopify store owners can increasingly boost their visibility, demonstrate loyalty to their customers, and grow their sales quickly and easily. The app is available for a monthly price starting at $9.95, with a 90 day free trial and priority support offered for an additional $18.95/month fee.